Prince Harry Gives the Best Hugs, According to Prince Harry

Ever wonder what it would be like to receive a hug from Prince Harry? According to Prince Harry, it’d be awesome. In an interview with Angela Levin, journalist and author of Harry: A Biography of a Prince, the Duke of Sussex opened up about his hugging capabilities, revealing that Princess Diana had a large impact on his empathy and ability to connect with others beyond bows, curtsies, and handshakes.

Princess Diana was known as “The People’s Princess” because of her warmth and connection with the public. And, Prince Harry believes that she passed on her excellent hugging skills. “Everyone needs a hug now and again, and it just so happens that I’m very good with hugs,” he revealed to Levin. He continued by adding that his embraces would have made Princess Diana smile and very proud.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry | Chris Jackson – Pool/Getty Images

Hugging isn’t the only thing Prince Harry learned from his late-mother. Up ahead, we share all the ways Prince Harry is like Princess Diana.

How Princess Diana influenced Prince Harry’s character

Although he was only a boy when his mother died, Prince Harry resembles Princess Diana in many ways. The Duke of Sussex is known for his warmth, good hugs, and ability to connect with members of the public on a much deeper level. But, those aren’t the only ways Prince Harry resembles his mother. Here’s how the Duke of Sussex carries out Princess Diana’s legacy by just being himself.

He’s not afraid to break the rules

Princess Diana probably didn’t break as many royal rules as she would have liked, but she certainly carved the way for Prince Harry. In true Princess Diana fashion, Prince Harry has broken and bent many royal rules over the years. The royal rebel isn’t afraid to make changes to his family’s protocol and has proved this over and over again.

Princess Diana and Prince Harry
Princess Diana and Prince Harry | Tim Graham/Getty Images

He is a feminist

When Princess Diana was an active member of the royal family, it was considered inappropriate to get involved in political discussions. And while that is still true today, Prince Harry has bent the rules a little bit by creating a conversation around female empowerment and even admitting that he is a feminist. The topic of feminism is a gray area between politics and social issues, which is likely why the Duke of Sussex is allowed to raise awareness and claim his support.

He is a passionate philanthropist

Working with charities is part of the royal family’s official duties. However, Prince Harry’s passions for philanthropy go much deeper than his career. Like his mother, the Duke of Sussex cares deeply for certain causes and works endlessly to raise awareness to the causes that matter to him and his wife, Meghan Markle.

Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry
Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry | Julian Parker/UK Press via Getty Images

He advocates for mental health

It’s no secret that Princess Diana struggled behind the scenes in her royal life. And, after the death of his mother, so did Prince Harry. Rather than hide it from the public, Prince Harry has made it his life mission to advocate for mental health and make himself appear more relatable by being honest with the public about his own struggles.

He wants his children to have a more normal life

Princess Diana did what she could to ensure her boys lived as normal as possible. She let them eat fast food instead of fancy Kensington Palace dinners, took them to Disneyland, and let them be kids. Prince Harry likely learned from his mother’s parenting and appreciates her efforts. The Duke of Sussex plans to pass on his mother’s “normalcy” to his children and raise them away from the royal spotlight.

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