Prince Harry Insists It Was His Decision to Move to Canada With Meghan Markle and Archie Harrison

Turns out Prince Harry played a bigger role in Megxit than previously thought. Harry and Meghan Markle are currently self-isolating in Canada while they wait for their exit to become official at the end of the month. The two will be spending a good portion of their time in North America moving forward, and inside sources claim that it was actually Harry’s decision to move to Canada with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, and their son, Archie Harrison.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry prepare for exit

Meghan and Harry’s exit from the royal family will become official after March 31. The couple returned to Canada after completing a round of royal engagements at the beginning of the month.

During his appearance at a dinner for Sentebale, Harry told the crowd that he will always consider the UK his home. He also revealed that he and Meghan wanted to continue to serve the monarchy in some capacity, though that did not happen.

“The UK is my home and a place that I love. That will never change,” Prince Harry shared. “I have grown up feeling support from so many of you, and I watched as you welcomed Meghan with open arms as you saw me find the love and happiness that I had hoped for all my life.”

Harry added that he will continue to invest in “charities and military communities” in the coming years and thanked everyone for their ongoing support.

As part of their exit deal, Harry and Meghan will no longer use their royal titles, a move that means they will have to rebrand their main charitable foundation, Sussex Royal. Their decision to leave will also be re-examined in 12 months.

Prince Harry says Megxit was his decision

In the weeks following the couple’s big announcement, Meghan took plenty of heat for being the driving force behind Megxit. An inside source, however, claims that it was actually Harry’s idea to move to Canada.

According to Express, the insider revealed that Harry was very unhappy with how Meghan was being treated and thought moving to Canada would protect her and their son, Archie.

“When it became clear Meghan was never going to get a fair shake, Harry snapped,” the source shared. “He’s adamant that it was his call to move to Canada.”

The insider says that Prince Harry wanted to shield Archie from all the negative press that comes with being an active member of the royal family. To that end, he decided to leave the monarchy and take his family to Canada, where they would not be under such an intense spotlight.

Meghan and Harry’s final joint engagement was on March 9. The couple appeared alongside other high-ranking members of the royal family for the Commonwealth Day festivities at Westminster Abbey.

A close friend of Harry opens up about his decision

Harry has not commented on the reports surrounding Megxit, but one of his good friends recently opened up about his move to Canada. According to Hello Magazine, Nacho Figueras talked about Prince Harry’s decision to leave during an interview for the special, Royal Divide: Harry, Meghan and The Crown, which was aired on ABC.

Figueras revealed that he has been in contact with Harry in the past few weeks and that the Duke of Sussex wants to “live a normal life.”

“I spoke to Harry a few days ago,” Figueras shared. “He has suffered a lot from all of the things that have happened to him. He wants to live a normal life, as normal as his life is going to be right? Because when you have a thousand paparazzi outside your house in Canada waiting to get a picture of your son that’s not very normal.”

The polo star also noted that Princess Diana’s death played a huge part in Harry’s decision to get his family out of the monarchy. At the end of the day, Harry values the safety of his family above everything else and does not want them to suffer the same fate as his mother.

What about Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship?

Harry’s relationship with Prince William has also been under the spotlight amid his exit from the royal family. It is unclear if Harry felt like Meghan was not being treated fairly by the British media or his family, but it is possible that both instances are true.

Harry’s issues with the British tabloids have been very well documented. In 2019, for instance, Harry and Meghan sued several tabloids in the UK for publishing personal letters she wrote to her father.

When it comes to his relationship with William, sources claim that the brothers still have not made proper amends. An insider says that they are being nicer to each other but they are both still “filled with anger and resentment.”

With the Duke and Duchess no longer a part of the royal family, the chances of Prince William and Prince Harry reconciling are slim. Hopefully, spending time apart will be good for both sides and eventually get them back together.