Prince Harry Is Committed to ‘Put His Wife and Son First,’ Says Friend

March is rapidly coming to an end, and that marks the time when Megxit will be official. While fans around the world are disappointed that Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are no longer going to be senior working royals, they are also delighted for them, given that they are finally able to embark upon the life that they have wanted for years.

Change is never easy, and it has taken months for Meghan and Prince Harry to transition out of their royal roles. There is no doubt that it has not been easy for them, especially Prince Harry since royal life is all that he has ever known.

Ever since the beginning of her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan has taken extensive backlash by the British tabloids. After they got married, many people may have thought that things would get better, but instead, it was the exact opposite.

The couple expressed their unhappiness with royal life, and shortly thereafter, made the shocking announcement that they would be resigning from their positions. Now that the end is almost here, a friend says that Prince Harry is committed to “put his wife and son first.”

The Sussex family

It seems like only yesterday that Prince Harry was often seen tagging along with his older brother and sister-in-law, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. He was one of the most desired bachelors in the entire world, and some fans may have even gone so far to wonder if he would ever settle down.

Royal fans are definitely familiar with how he and Meghan met, with Town & Country reporting that neither of them looked back after that famous blind date. Almost overnight, Meghan and Prince Harry became one of the most-watched couples in the world, and fans were ecstatic when they got married in May 2018.

Shortly after, they welcomed their son Archie Harrison, and Prince Harry finally had the perfect family that he was always meant to have. However, the couple became overwhelmed with the pressure of being in the royal spotlight and decided that they would like to live a quiet, financially independent life.

What did Prince Harry give up in order to step down from royal duties?

Prince Harry in a navy blue suit, smiling
Prince Harry | Samir Hussein/Getty Images

Starting over is never simple, even for Prince Harry. While it is likely that he is a bit relieved that the next chapter of life is finally beginning, his exit from the royal family is a little emotional.

Prince Harry has had to give up quite a few things in order to step down from his role, and life is going to be drastically different from now on.

So, what is changing for Prince Harry and Meghan? Well, to start, they will no longer be able to use their titles of “royal highnesses.” Prince Harry will be relinquishing his military titles as well, which is probably one of the most difficult things for him since he served his country in the British Armed Forces for ten years.

Finalizing all of the details of Megxit took months, and it didn’t come without significant changes.

Prince Harry is committed to ‘put his wife and son first’

One of the ways we can tell just how much Prince Harry loves Meghan is by observing what he is willing to do in order to support her and Archie. According to People, which cites an anonymous source, he is more than willing to “put his wife and son first” and do whatever it takes to be completely focused on his nuclear family. The source added that “[Prince Harry] is obviously very devoted to [Meghan].”

Part of the royal exit means Prince Harry will no longer have his honorary military positions. That’s a huge loss for the prince, as he served in the Army for a decade. “That’s 10 years of his life that he gave to serve his country, and he basically has to give it away now because he’s choosing to protect his family,” the source told People.

While many people might find it impossible to give up royal life, Prince Harry knows that doing so is the best thing right now. We think that it’s absolutely wonderful to see how Meghan and Archie are the main focus of Prince Harry’s life and that he will do whatever it takes just for them.