Inside Prince Harry and Kate Middleton’s Adorable Brother-Sister Relationship

If you haven’t noticed, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton are thick as thieves. From their royal work to their shared interested in mental health to their silly sense of humor, the two are brother- and sister-in-law goals. Take a closer look at Prince Harry and Kate Middleton’s relationship, ahead.

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton
Prince Harry and Kate Middleton have a strong relationship. | Karwai Tang/WireImage

They have known each other since 2003

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton have a super close relationship and a long history together. The two allegedly first met when Prince William began dating Kate Middleton 16 years ago in 2003. With almost two decades of friendship, they have supported each other through thick and thin and watched each other grow their families and establish themselves in the royal family.

Kate Middleton is like a sister to Prince Harry

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have known each other for over 15 years. | Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

Photos of Prince Harry and Kate Middleton prove they are more than just each other’s inlaws. The two have a brother-sister relationship. For many years, Prince Harry was the third wheel in the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s relationship, which allowed him to learn and grow with them. According to Newsweek, when Prince William and Kate Middleton got engaged, “Harry called her the big sister he never had.”

They have the same silly sense of humor

Kate Middleton and Prince Harry always seem to enjoy each other’s company. And, perhaps it has something to do with their shared sense of humor. “Harry appeals to her sillier side because he is carefree, footloose, and loves banter,” notes the Daily Mail.

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton
They have the same sense of humor. | Nicky J Sims/Getty Images for Royal Foundation

Kate Middleton offers Prince Harry emotional support

Before Prince Harry met Meghan Markle, he didn’t have someone to lean on emotionally. And while there’s no filling his mother’s place, Kate Middleton was (and still is) always there for him. “Kate has helped fill some of that gap,” notes Newsweek.

Kate Middleton cooks for Prince Harry

Meghan Markle might be an excellent cook, but Prince Harry is also quite fond of his sister-in-law’s kitchen skills. In his bachelor life at Kensington Palace, he often visited the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s apartment for a meal.

They work on special projects together

Throughout their royal career, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton (as well as Prince William and Meghan Markle) have teamed up on a few special projects, close to the royals’ hearts. They advocated for mental health through their Heads Together campaign and, most recently, helped launch a textline called Shout which “supports people who need advice in a tough moment.”  

Prince Harry is close with Kate Middleton’s children

We aren’t surprised that Prince Harry is Uncle of the Year. According to several reports, the Duke of Sussex is incredible with children and has a close bond with his niece and nephews.

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton
Prince Harry admires his sister-in-law. | Victoria Jones – WPA Pool/Getty Images

They once shared a royal household

Prince Harry, Prince William, Kate Middleton, and, eventually, Meghan Markle once all shared a royal household. However, as their royal careers move farther apart, the foursome (along with several senior members of the royal family) felt it was time to officially separate into two different households. But, that doesn’t mean all of their work will be separate. They will continue to work together on their mental health initiatives and likely partner on future causes, too.

Prince Harry is Kate Middleton’s backup date

When Prince William can’t make an engagement, Prince Harry will occassionally step in. Case in point: The Duke of Sussex accompanied the Duchess of Cambridge to an event on Anzac Day while Prince William was in New Zealand (and Meghan Markle was on maternity leave).

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