Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Arrive In Africa with Baby Archie and Fans Are Losing It

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s 10-day tour of Africa has started, as the couple arrived today — and all eyes were on baby Archie. Royal fans and the media have been hoping to catch more than just a glimpse of the couple’s five-month-old but their arrival only offered a fleeting peek at the baby.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry arrive in Africa with Archie
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry | Dominic Lipinski/PA Images via Getty Images

A royal arrival

Prince Harry and Markle arrived in Cape Town, South Africa for the first day of their royal tour with Archie being carried in mom’s arms. Fans instantly noticed that their little boy was wearing a bobble hat that looked just like the one Harry wore as a baby in 1985 at six-months-old when he was seen exiting a plane in Diana’s arms.

Was this a subtle tribute to Princess Diana? Was it the same hat? Archie wasn’t, however, dressed all in white as his dad was in that photo.

Fans react to seeing Archie

Fans were pretty excited to see Archie, if only for a moment (and are hoping to see him more during their royal tour).

Many fans were won over by the hat, with one Twitter user noting: “Just like Dad! Archie dons a sweet knitted bobble hat for his arrival in South Africa that looks VERY similar to one worn by Prince Harry for a flight with Princess Diana in 1985.”

Some thought their son looks just like dad, with comments such as: “Archie is Harry’s tiny twin it’s so cute” and “I’m calling it now!!! Archie looks like Harry when he was a baby.”

Others weren’t convinced, however, as one Twitter user noted: “Put a baby in a white beanie and you’ll say it looks like Harry. Archie looks like his mom and I don’t care what you say.”

Of course, there were criticisms too, mainly over the couple’s hat decision, given the temperature. One Twitter user scolded: “It’s wrong — all so they can recreate the photo of Diana emerging from a plane with baby Harry in a bobble hat (the very same pic Meg featured in her Insta birthday montage for Harry 1 week ago). Baby Archie must be overheating…”

Another critic noted: “Poor baby Archie must have been overheating in that bobble hat: All so the Sussexes could get that photo-op of him wearing a similar hat as Harry ‘in the arms of his mother, Diana 18 years ago. It’s 14°C minimum in Cape Town.”

The start of their tour

They’re only on the first day of the tour, but among the many stops along their trip, Prince Harry will travel to Angola on Friday, where his mother had campaigned for landmines to be outlawed during a visit she made in 1997. He will also be opening a hospital renamed after Princess Diana in honor of her work.

A senior palace source told the Daily Mail: ‘This is all about wanting to fulfill his mother’s legacy. This tour will see the Duke and Duchess go back to basics, using their profile in the right way to highlight causes they are both passionate about.”

Prince Harry’s private secretary Samantha Cohen shared: “In a particularly significant and poignant journey, the Duke of Sussex will have the opportunity to return to Angola to see first-hand the legacy of his mother the late Diana, Princess of Wales, whose visit to Huambo in 1997 helped raise awareness of the threat posed by land mines to communities and livelihoods.”

Prince Harry and Markle were spotted dancing

The buzz about Prince Harry and Markle in Africa hasn’t been all about Archie, however, as fans were won over by the couple sharing some sweet interactions with children, kneeling down to speak to and hug them.

They were greeted by a music and dance display at Cape Town’s Nyanga Township and even got in on a few dance moves themselves.