This Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Baby Name Prediction Bumps Diana From the Top of the List

The arrival of Baby Sussex is fast approaching and fans are already predicting the name Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will choose for their new addition. Plenty of ideas have been floated for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s baby boy or girl, but there’s a new frontrunner: Elizabeth.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle arrive for a visit to Pillars, a charity operating across New Zealand
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Will Meghan Markle and Prince Harry name their daughter Elizabeth?

While the name Diana seemed to be leading the pack as a fan favorite baby name, it appears that Elizabeth could be a contender as well. Of course, Diana has such special meaning as their child would be named in honor of Prince Harry’s late mother, Princess Diana.

Last week, the name Diana had 6-1 odds as the favorite girl name, but things have shifted just a bit and now Elizabeth has pulled ahead, according to British betting company Ladbrokes who have received bets favoring the moniker, a tribute to Queen Elizabeth.

Ladbrokes told PEOPLE that this new development forced “bookies to cut odds from 16/1 to just 6/1.” The names Diana and Victoria stand in second place with 8-1 odds. According to the betting company, the odds are 12-1 for Albert, Alice, Grace, and Philip. Arthur, James, and Mary have 16-1 odds.

Why fans think Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will name their daughter Elizabeth

While the name Elizabeth has been landing on fans’ lists of baby name predictions, it appears to have pulled ahead because of the timing of Meghan’s due date. While the only certain detail about the baby’s arrival has been vaguely “spring,” many fans believe that if the baby arrives close to (or on!) Queen Elizabeth’s birthday on April 21, it’s destiny that the baby should be named after the Queen.

Ladbrokes noted in a statement: “It’s no coincidence that punters backing the royal baby to be born on the Queen’s birthday are expecting Harry and Meghan to opt for ‘Elizabeth’ on the name front. Meghan’s due date is desperately close to the Queen’s birthday and the stars might just align for the latest royal arrival.”

Additionally, bettors are predicting the birth date: April 22 to 28 has 7-4 odds, with April 15 to 21 and April 8 to 14 having 3-1 odds. The odds for the time of birth are 5-2 for afternoon, 2-1 for evening and evens for morning.

Hello! magazine reports that betting company Coral announced their odds changed now that new bets are coming in for the name Elizabeth, explaining: “We’ve been bowled over by this gamble and out of absolutely nowhere Elizabeth is the new favorite to be the name of Harry and Meghan’s first child.”

Will Prince Harry and Markle choose a less traditional name?

There’s the possibility that Prince Harry and Markle will go a less traditional route with their baby’s name, with Arianne Chernock, an associate professor of modern British history at Boston University, explaining to HuffPost: “Harry and Meghan have a lot more flexibility in terms of feeling that they need to be deferential to tradition and follow a strict protocol.”

Chernock added: “I think we will see some nods to a more American spirit in some part of the name. I’m not saying it would be the first name, but in one of the given names, at least, they’re going to honor both sides. I think the names will be meaningful to them, wherever they look for inspiration.”