Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Baby Shower ‘SNL’ Sketch Reveals Hilarious Royal Baby Video

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s royal baby shower got the parody treatment on last night’s Saturday Night Live, with the Duke of Sussex giving his future child a video tour of the party. Some notable guests were in attendance, with special messages for Baby Sussex.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle at Commonwealth Day 2019
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Mikey Day’s Prince Harry impersonation is impressive

Prince Harry, played by Mikey Day, kicks things off with a fun intro, calling himself “The Ginger of Windsor” and “Red Head Redemption 2,” before explaining, “I am making this video for you, my future child to watch when you are older.” He added, “We’re going to do a private birth for you, keeping it low key, but we are having a big baby shower and I wanted you to come out and see all the people who came to celebrate you, so come on, let’s take a lap.”

First up is grandpa Prince Charles, who only has a polite “hello” to say and that’s all. Prince Harry moves things along, by noting, “well said, dad.”

James Corden is next up, played hilariously by Aidy Bryant, with Prince Harry explaining, “He’s been at a 10 since he got here” and warning, “Don’t let him see the camera, he’ll be on us all night.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton make an appearance

What would a baby shower for Baby Sussex be without an appearance by Prince William (Beck Bennett) — who Harry had told the theme was an 80s costume party, hence the Freddie Mercury get up. Prince Harry even gets a little jab in at William’s hair, telling the camera, “anger is like your hair, easy come, easy go.”

Prince William came with a gift, naturally, an adorable onesie that read “Keep Calm and Change My Nappy.” Kate Middleton (Cecily Strong) arrived to talk about another gift, which Prince William shared, “also, we bought the baby a house.”

Prince Harry then addressed those Middleton and Meghan Markle feud rumors, noting, “The papers keep saying she’s ‘feuding’ with your mom, but that’s not true.” Middleton responded in a frenzy, “No, we’re not feuding. Why would we be? Because I’ve followed all the strict rules and she doesn’t and people love her for it? I love that.”

Prince Harry chats with more guests

One of Prince Harry’s ex-girlfriends makes an appearance as well, played by Emma Stone, who drunkenly addresses the future baby, saying, “your dad broke up with me on WhatsApp.” When asked how she’s doing, she noted, “Splendid, I’m so busy… and happy. I’m glad we didn’t make it Harry. I don’t want to be a duchess and live in a huge house for free.”

A friend of Markle’s mom is also at the party and had a take on what Harry and Markle’s future child will likely look like, telling the camera: “You might be a black ginger! That’s amazing! You’re gonna be like a unicorn. It’s going to be you and Blake Griffin.”

Moving along on the tour, Harry opened the doors to a room full of baby shower gifts, with Queen Elizabeth II (Kate McKinnon) trapped beneath them. She fell under the pile when she was “snooping” to find out what the Clooneys had gotten them.

The Queen then talked to Baby Sussex, noting: “Hello. Welcome to the family. I already love you with all my heart. Even though you’re half American, which means you’re half traitor.”

Harry then goes in search of Markle, who he said had been napping, telling the camera, “she’s absolutely gorgeous,” before opening the door to reveal Corden, who he has spent the entirety avoiding. And with that, the video tour is over!