Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are ‘Headstrong’ and ‘Ignoring Palace’: Why It’s Reportedly a Problem

Are Prince Harry and Meghan Markle ignoring the palace’s PR team? While the royal couple has been accused of breaking protocol on more than one occasion, according to one royal expert, it’s becoming problematic.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle break protocol headstrong
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Harry and Markle have faced a lot of criticism

It’s no huge surprise that, since they’re in the public eye, Prince Harry and Markle have had to endure more than their fair share of criticism. Most recently the couple’s decision to have a private christening ceremony garnered some disapproval, given the news that their Frogmore Cottage renovations were paid for in part by taxpayers.

The couple carried on with a small christening for their baby, as was announced beforehand in a statement issued by Buckingham Palace: “Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor will be christened in a small private ceremony by the Archbishop of Canterbury in the Private Chapel at Windsor Castle on Saturday 6th July.”

As promised, they provided their fans with photos from the event, but the content was carefully controlled by Prince Harry and Markle.

Are they ‘headstrong’?

The christening is just one example of Prince Harry and Markle doing things their own way and at least one royal expert finds fault with how they appear to be “completely ignoring” the palace PR briefings.

The Daily Mirror’s Royal Editor, Russell Myers, explained on the Pod Save the Queen podcast: “In terms of the goodwill towards them, they don’t want to be extinguishing it every single time there’s an event.”

He added: “What are their PR people briefing them, and are they completely ignoring it? My guess is, yes, they are completely ignoring it.”

Myers continued, noting, “They’re two very headstrong people, they’ve decided this is what they want to do for their child. They’ve moved out to Frogmore, you can’t get near the property whatsoever.”

He shared: “There’ll certainly be no pictures or details of what was done for taxpayers in their spending of £2.5million, or up to £3million,” noting that “there should be a breakdown of costs” and finding the secrecy surrounding the renovation spending “utterly ludicrous.”

Markle’s recent Wimbledon request for privacy came under fire

When Markle recently made an appearance at Wimbledon, her request for privacy drew some criticism as well. Her security told tennis fans not to take photos of her while she was at the event because she was there “in a private capacity.”

Myers shared that, for the couple, “It seems like they’re careering from one disaster to another… People I’m speaking to who are close to the Sussexes and close to the household are saying that they just don’t take advice. That is major problem for them.”

He added: “They’re still young people, especially Harry, he’s trying to find his way in the world, he’s left the Army and trying to work out what his life plan is. And Meghan’s been in the Royal Family for five minutes.” 

Myers continued: “I’m afraid they need to really realize where they are in the world, and you can’t switch [privacy] on and off when you want.”

He added: “It’s happening all the time now, and they need to take a real hard look at themselves. The press team need to get on a grip of the situation as well.”