Does Prince Harry Give Meghan Markle Style Advice?

It should come of no surprise that Meghan Markle has a team of stylists working behind the scenes on her royal wardrobe. However, one of her stylists is quite unexpected. As it turns out, her husband, Prince Harry is quite the fashionista himself and allegedly gives his opinion on Meghan Markle’s style.

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex during Trooping The Colour

According to reports, Prince Harry has a lot to say about Meghan Markle’s style. | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Ahead, we take a closer look at Prince Harry’s role in Meghan Markle’s style, including how she really feels about it.

Prince Harry has opinions

According to Daily Mail, Prince Harry is an unofficial stylist to the Duchess of Sussex. The lifelong royal regularly gives his opinions on his wife’s outfits, including ones deemed inappropriate by the royal family’s infamous style rules.

He has banned certain looks before

The queen isn’t the only one with the power to veto. While on their recent royal tour of Australia, Prince Harry reportedly put his foot down on a Stella McCartney tuxedo that Meghan Markle had her eyes on for a formal charity event. Because the queen prefers women wear skirts — especially at evening events — and doesn’t particularly like suits, Prince Harry had to intervene on the fashion decision. That said, she ultimately ended up going with an Altuzarra pantsuit which either indicates that she won the argument or Harry suggested it instead.

He doesn’t always pay mind to the royal family style code

Despite that one mishap in Australia, Prince Harry rarely gives Meghan advice on what to wear based on the royal family style rules. Instead, he prefers to advise based on aesthetics. That makes sense, given Prince Harry also likes to bend the rules from time to time.

Meghan probably asks him for advice

Despite his aesthetics preference, the Duchess of Sussex likely confides in her husband for style help based on what women in the family can and can’t wear. As a new member, it can be hard to remember all the nitty-gritty details, and with Harry’s life-long experience, he is her most adequate stylist — at least as far as protocol is concerned.

The family jokes about Harry’s styling talents

A source close to the royals says the family knows about Prince Harry’s styling passions — and, they even joke about it. “The joke is that Harry is Meghan’s surprise stylist,” they told Daily Mail.

Harry doesn’t have to go shopping with Meghan

Perhaps Prince Harry loves his wife’s fashion because he doesn’t actually have to go shopping with her. Instead of getting dragged to store after store, designers and stylists bring the clothes to their home.

He even attends design meetings

In addition to ready-to-wear items, Meghan Markle also has many custom pieces designed for her. And, sources close to the royal say that Prince Harry likes to attend the design meetings — especially those involving the Stella McCartney team. “Harry always comes to design meetings and fittings to give his opinions on the looks,” a source told Daily Mail.

Meghan welcomes his opinion

Meghan Markle’s style surely has evolved since joining the royal family. And while much of that has to do with the royal styl rules she has to follow, it could also have to do with who her stylist is. According to reports, Meghan welcomes Harry’s opinion and is always asking for it.

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