Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Tease Project with Ed Sheeran and Royal Fans Are Losing It

It’s the collab you never knew you needed: Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, and Ed Sheeran are teaming up together and the teaser for their project is sending royal fans into a tizzy. Prince Harry and Markle posted the ever-so-brief video on their Instagram account today and there are a lot of questions.

prince harry meghan markle ed sheeran
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Facundo Arrizabalaga – Pool/Getty Images

Prince Harry, Markle, and Sheeran join forces

The super brief video posted on the Sussex Royal Instagram doesn’t give away too much but is an appropriate amount of a tease to get people wondering what’s up with this trio.

The caption briefly notes: “Coming soon… @teddysphotos #WMHD.”

WMHD refers to World Mental Health Day, which is observed on October 10, 2019, and provides an opportunity to raise awareness about mental health issues, something that is important to Prince Harry and Markle.

Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran’s video has people talking

As teaser videos go, this one has definitely gotten people’s attention and it’s all very cheeky, from the doorbell ring to the greeting between the two famous gingers.

The video begins with Sheeran ringing the doorbell at Princess Eugenie’s home at Ivy Cottage at Kensington Palace, and straight away the doorbell, the tune of “God Save the Queen,” gets a giggle.

Prince Harry answers the door, greeting Sheeran by saying, “Hi, mate” and joking, “It’s like looking in the mirror,” as he and the singer shake hands.

“Do you mind if I bring the cameras in?” Sheeran asks, with Harry responding, “Of course, yeah, come on in guys.” The screen then displays the message: “Coming soon… 10 October #WMHD.”

Fans are losing it over the video and wondering what’s about to go down, with comments left on the post such as: “This looks the greatest collab ever!” and “Ohhh what’s happening here? Am all excited without having a clue what’s going on.”

Others noted: “This could be EPIC!,” “My two fav gingers!,” and “ummm is this a dream???”

Many fans wondered if they were going to get an inside look at Prince Harry and Markle’s home at Frogmore Cottage, but some fan sleuthing uncovered the photo that hangs behind Harry when he answers the door is from his cousin Princess Eugenie’s wedding day.

One fan noted on Twitter, with side by side comparison of the wedding photo: “In the footage of Prince Harry and Ed Sheeran today, it looks like the photo enlargement framed in background as he opens door is from Princess Eugenie’s wedding day (of her and Jack in the carriage, one of their official portraits…).”

Prince Harry on the importance of mental health

Prince Harry has been very open about mental health and recently noted during his royal tour of Africa: “I think most of the stigma is around mental illness we need to separate the two… mental health which is every single one of us and mental illness which could be every single one of us.”

He continued: “But I think they need to be separated, the mental health element touches on so much of what we’re exposed to, these experiences that these kids and every single one of us have been through. Everyone has experienced trauma or likely to experience trauma at some point during their lives. We need to try, not eradicate it, but to learn from previous generations so there’s not a perpetual cycle.”