Prince Harry Prefers Royal Fiction Like ‘The Crown’ Over the Distorted ‘Truth’ of Tabloids

Being in the spotlight is no easy task. Whether someone has achieved fame as a movie or television star, or in the cases of a select few, as a member of the British royal family, it is pretty safe to say that they get very little privacy. Each move that a famous person makes is watched, criticized, and in some cases, even blown way out of proportion. For the past few years, fans all over the world have been closely watching Prince Harry and his wife, former actor Meghan Markle. They haven’t exactly had the easiest time, especially in the wake of Megxit and their move to California. The news media has been relentless in reporting so many stories about the couple, and it is actually getting pretty difficult to distinguish what is true and what is not. Recently, Prince Harry opened up to James Corden on a sunny day out and about in Los Angeles, and fans got to hear how he prefers royal fiction like The Crown over the distorted “truth” of tabloids. 

Prince Harry smiling in front of a blurred background
Prince Harry | Hannah McKay/Getty Images

Harry and Meghan have been plagued by the British tabloids

When Meghan and Harry first began their relationship in the summer of 2016, they were able to keep it under wraps for a short while. However, it wasn’t long before the new couple was photographed together, and the more serious things got, the more people showed an interest in exactly what was going on. Things got pretty out of control with the British tabloids reporting stories about Meghan and Harry, and it actually got to the point where Harry became concerned. According to Vanity Fair, a statement was released saying that the prince was “worried about Ms. Markle’s safety”, and he asked for privacy. They didn’t exactly get that, however, and in recent years, the press has criticized them for their skills as new parents, their relationships with other royal family members, and their decision to step down as senior working royals. 

Harry knows all too well how difficult this can be

The British tabloids can be notoriously brutal, and no one knows this better than Harry himself. The redheaded prince has been in the public eye since the day he was born, but that doesn’t mean that it is an easy life. He famously had to deal with losing his mother, Princess Diana, after she was tragically killed in a car accident while being chased by a hoard of photographers when Harry was only 12 years old. In fact, Marie Claire reports that he has concerns about how the brutality of the news media is affecting his wife, saying that he is worried about “history repeating itself”. Over the years, the news media has reported about countless royal family happenings, and we can’t even imagine how hard it must be for them to have to read about things that just aren’t accurate.

Prince Harry prefers royal fiction like ‘The Crown’ over the distorted ‘truth’ of the tabloids

For the past few years, millions of people have enjoyed watching The Crown, which depicts the story of the royal family since the beginning of Queen Elizabeth’s reign. The show is not a documentary, but rather is based on the family, so it doesn’t focus on things from the same angle as the tabloids tend to. According to Harry, royal fiction such as The Crown is so much better because unlike the news media, it is loosely based on the truth, and never claims to be reporting the facts. The tabloids, on the other hand, present things as fact-based, when they are closer to fictional stories. According to National Post, the prince went so far as to tell James Corden that “I am way more comfortable with ‘The Crown‘ than I am seeing the stories that are written about my family, or my wife or myself.”