The Real Reason Prince Harry and Prince William Aren’t As Close As They Used to Be

Prince Harry and Prince William were the best of friends growing up. The two brothers leaned on one another for everything in life, and they especially needed each other when their mother, Princess Diana, died tragically. But as they’ve grown, the two have slowly drifted — and there may be one thing that triggered the separation.

Prince William and Prince Harry with Prince Charles
Prince William and Prince Harry with Prince Charles | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Harry and William spent all their time together when they were younger

When the two boys were growing up, they spent most of their time together. As royals, there are very few people in the world who understand the challenges that come with being the world’s most famous family. But Harry and Will both understood, which is why they often leaned on one another as they aged. They were also close with their cousins; Harry and Princess Eugenie were reportedly the best of friends growing up as well. Although the younger royals are all several years apart, they all developed an extremely close bond.

Will reportedly told Harry he was moving too quickly with Meghan Markle

Will definitely was one to take things slow when it came to relationships. He and Kate Middleton met back in 2001, made their relationship public in 2004, and didn’t get married until 2011. So when Harry met Meghan Markle back in 2016 and was ready to marry her within a year, Will reportedly warned his brother that he may be moving too quickly. Nobody wants to hear that, so of course, Harry was hurt by his brother suggesting that he not marry Meghan yet. The two brothers have always taken different approaches to life, and their marriages are perfect examples.

Prince William and Prince Harry at Prince Harry's wedding to Meghan Markle
| Owen Humphreys/AFP/Getty Images

Since Meghan and Harry wed, Harry and Will’s lives have taken different directions

It’s always been clear that Will’s royal role would be more important than Harry’s. Since Harry is not the future king, he doesn’t have quite the same responsibility as his brother. And when Harry and Meghan married, and Harry started a new chapter in his life, he realized he wanted more privacy and less time in the royal spotlight than Will. Harry and Meghan decided to move away from Kensington Palace and into Frogmore Cottage, which is on the grounds of Windsor Castle. And with Will’s role becoming more important as his grandmother gets older, the two also decided to split their households. Now, Will and Kate work out of Kensington Palace while Harry and Meghan work out of Buckingham Palace.

The two are likely still close, but their different lives have led them to drift apart  

Will and Harry will always be brothers, and they’ll never forget everything they went through together as kids. The two are likely still close, but sometimes, life gets in the way, and things change as people age. Harry marrying Meghan meant the start of something new for him, which has caused him to drift apart from his brother. But at the end of the day, the two men will always have love for one another, no matter how far apart their worlds are.

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