Prince Harry and Prince William Have Very Different Perspectives on Princess Diana’s Death

Though they used to be as thick as thieves — in the past several years, Prince William and Prince Harry’s relationship has been increasingly strained. Though the royal brothers have had sibling rifts in the past — the latest tension in their relationship seems to stems from Prince Harry’s desire to protect his wife, Meghan Markle, from going down the same path as their late mother, Princess Diana.

When the red-headed prince introduced his now-wife to his family — Prince William cautioned his younger brother on moving too quickly with Markle. d. According to Daily Mail, “Harry went mental and accused his brother of trying to finish their relationship before it had started.” This only caused distance in their relationship.

When Prince Harry and Prince William tragically lost their mother in 1997–the younger prince was just 12 years old, and that loss changed him forever. In fact–while the future Crowned King feels one way about his late other’s death–Prince Harry has a very different perspective.

Prince Harry believes that the press killed Princess Diana

ITV anchor Tom Bradby explained to Good Morning America that Prince Harry and Prince William have “entirely different parallel narratives” about Princess Diana’s death. This has extended into their different approaches to their royal duties. Bradby explained,

The really important thing I think and the real difficulty is they just have entirely different parallel narratives about a whole bunch of stuff. One of which is about their mother’s death. Harry feels quite simply that the press killed his mother and is now in danger of trying to damage his wife. William has a more nuanced view of that. He thinks that yes, their mother did have a very hard time, but also she made a mistake in allowing the press in and he just is absolutely adamant that that shouldn’t happen and he thinks that sometimes his brother is too open and then tries to close up, and that doesn’t work.

Harry: Conversations with the Prince author Angela Levin explained to Express U.K.,

Prince Harry is more emotional than William and wears his heart on his sleeve. Although his mother, the late Princess Diana, did her best to make sure he ‘didn’t miss out, it was hard to compete with an older bother destined to be king one day. Harry adored his mother and marveled at how much ”fun” she was. He said he felt safe because a key aim of her life was to ”protect” him and William.

How does Prince William really feel about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s revealing documentary?

Though Prince William — who tends to be more reserved and formal wasn’t exactly thrilled about the ITV documentary, especially when Prince Harry addressed their relationship, he has spoken to his little brother since then.

An insider to BBC that William was clearly more “worried” about his brother than anything else, and that he felt Harry and Meghan were “in a fragile place” but hoped they “are all right.”

How will Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship change moving forward?

Prince Harry, by addressing the press directly, is taking a different approach than his brother. However, the British Royal family is very concerned. Phil Dampier, author of Royally Suited: Harry and Meghan In Their Own Words, told The Scotsman, “There’s no doubt the Queen and other royals are very worried about the direction Harry and Meghan are taking and it’s very serious.”

Yet, it also appears that Prince William respects his younger brother’s choices and his right to do what he feels is best for his growing family.  A royal courtier told The Sun, “It’s my opinion that Harry feels he couldn’t protect his mother, so he’s going all out to protect his wife. This is his way of atoning.”