Prince Harry and Princess Charlotte Share 1 Super Rebellious Trait

Prince Harry might no longer be a professional member of the royal family, but he’s still considered blood to those who serve under the queen’s monarchy. Harry and his niece, Princess Charlotte, don’t spend as much time together as they once did, but the two are clearly cut from the same royal cloth, given their rebellious reactions to the press as young children.

Prince Harry has always loved William and Kate’s kids. | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince Harry loves being an uncle to his nephews and niece

When Prince William and Kate Middleton welcomed their first child, Prince George, Harry was thrilled to become an uncle. Harry has always loved kids, and he’s been ready to be a father for years. So when he finally had a nephew running around, he adored every moment he spent with him — and the same goes for his feelings toward Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

Though the royal family doesn’t speak too much about each other, according to Hello Magazine, Harry did hint that his niece and nephews mean a lot to him back in a 2017 interview with Daily Mail. “I could never wish them away,” he said. “They are the most amazing things ever.”

Harry and Charlotte once both stuck their tongues out to the media

Though Harry doesn’t see so much of his niece and nephews now, he might be more similar to Charlotte than we realized. Last year, Charlotte became the talk of the town when she stuck her tongue out at the audience while on a royal engagement with her parents. It has since been revealed that she had seen her grandfather, Michael Middleton, in the distance, and the move was supposedly directed toward him, but it still made national news.

Princess Charlotte sticks her tongue out to a crowd in 2019.
Princess Charlotte sticks her tongue out to a crowd in 2019. | Anwar Hussein/Getty Images

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It turns out Harry did the exact same thing to the media when he was a child. In an uncovered video of Harry as a toddler, he can be seen visibly sticking his tongue out to the press. Once his mother notices, she immediately moves him away from the window. Still, it’s clear Harry and Charlotte have the same hilarious tendencies as kids when they’re in front of a crowd.

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It’s unclear how Harry’s son will be a part of his cousins’ lives

Harry loved becoming an uncle, but times have changed since he and Meghan Markle wed. The two had a difficult life in the spotlight and opted to step back from their roles as senior royals earlier in the year. Now, they’ve moved themselves and their son halfway around the world to Los Angeles, California, which certainly means Archie won’t be seeing his cousins too often.

We don’t know exactly what the dynamic is among the royals, but it wouldn’t surprise us if Harry and William still wanted their children to remain close growing up. Archie is too young to hold a conversation yet, but it’s possible they’ll make frequent trips to the United Kingdom as he gets older, allowing him to develop a close relationship with his cousins. Harry likely misses the little kids, too, so it wouldn’t surprise us if they make a return visit fairly soon.