Prince Harry Almost Got Set up With First Daughter Barbara Bush Before Meeting Meghan Markle

Jenna Bush Hagar tried setting up Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, with her twin sister, Barbara Bush, 37, the Today show co-host revealed in a recent episode of the show. Keep reading to learn why the former First Daughter felt the relationship didn’t happen.

Jenna tried her hand at matchmaking in 2016 when a then single Prince Harry made a guest appearance on the Today show to discuss the 2016 Invictus Games, a sporting event for injured men and women in the military he founded in 2014. 

During the interview at an outdoor pool where athletes were training for the games, Prince Harry sat down with Jenna. They both wore sunglasses thanks to Prince Harry, Jenna noted. 

Jenna Hagar Bush interviews Prince Harry in 2016. | Today via YouTube

“He [Prince Harry] has really beautiful light eyes, which are sensitive to the sun. I know because my daughters have light eyes,” Jenna said of the 2016 interview in a recent episode of the Today show. “Prince Harry was like, ‘We have to wear sunglasses, don’t you think?’ I was like, ‘Well, if he says it’s okay!'”

Jenna Bush Hagar regrets wearing sunglasses

While recounting the interview, Jenna expressed her feelings of regret about wearing sunglasses because as she said, they put “a barrier between us.” 

“I felt like maybe if he could see straight into my eyes,” she said with a laugh. “That could have worked if my sunglasses weren’t blocking.”

Barbara Pierce Bush
Barbara Pierce Bush attends Hudson River Park Friends Playground Committee Fourth Annual Luncheon at Current at Chelsea Piers on January 25, 2019, in New York City. | Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for The Hudson River Park Friends Playground Committee

Jenna inquired about Prince Harry’s dating life during the interview, asking him, “Does it make you laugh that people are already asking you about children? I mean, it’s sort of jumping ahead a couple steps.”

“Everybody’s always asking me. I have no idea. I haven’t even got a girlfriend at the moment,” Prince Harry said laughing. 

Here’s where Jenna tried setting her sister up with Prince Harry. 

“I have a single sister, and she feels the same way. Listen, she’s available. She’s going to kill me,” she said to which he replied, “We can talk maybe off air.” 

Pulling for Barbara, she replied, “Okay, I’ll give you her number.” 

Prince Harry and Barbara Bush were both set up on blind dates

Both Barbara and Prince Harry were single at the time but just a few months later, a mutual friend of Meghan Markle, now the Duchess of Sussex, and Prince Harry’s set them up on a blind date. 

Prince Harry in May 2019
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex speaks to the media at Windsor Castle following the birth of his son on May 06, 2019 in Windsor, United Kingdom. | Steve Parsons – WPA Pool/Getty Images

“He said, ‘Let’s talk later,'” Jenna said of the 2016 interview. “Then he got married to Meghan Markle.”

Everything worked out because Barbara met her future husband on a blind date just like the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. 

Barbara married screenwriter Craig Coyne in 2018 after they had an awkward first date, according to People. Emily Giffin, a friend of Barbara’s took a picture of them on their first date she recalled.

“I told them they needed to get a quick snapshot ‘just in case you end up getting married.’ And they DID!!! Ahhhh!!!” she said in an Instagram post. “Here’s to forever!!!!”

Barbara and Coyne married in October of 2018 while Markle and Prince Harry married earlier that year in May.