Prince Harry Is Suing British Newspapers for Hacking His Phone and Making Him Suspicious of His Friends

While Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussexes’ royal exit came as a shock to many, the prince had been having a challenging time in the royal fold for years. Since Princess Diana’s death in 1997, Harry has had a fraught relationship with the British media.

As a teen, he often made headlines for his rebellious outbursts, including trying weed, playing pool while naked, and wearing inappropriate Halloween costumes. The media even took it as far as to hack his cell phone to retrieve personal information about the prince and the British royal family.

Now, though he is no longer a senior working royal, the prince is suing two British newspapers for invading his privacy and make him suspicious of his friends.

Britain's Prince Harr
Britain’s Prince Harry | Keon Van Weel /AFP via Getty Images

Prince Harry’s cell phone was first hacked when he was in high school

Prince Harry has been dealing with people trying to invade his privacy since he was a teenager. A whistleblower recently revealed that News Of The World tabloid newspaper first began hacking the prince’s cellphone when he studied for his General Certificate of Secondary Education.

“As the lead investigator, I was tasked to forensically gather as much intelligence about Prince Harry’s activities in the nocturnal hours, with a view to enhancing the newspaper’s ‘project’,” the source told Byline Investigates. “The instruction was to monitor communications and to identify any references to drugs.”

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Prince Harry started to grow paranoid and suspicious of his friends

In the months following Megxit, the prince got candid about his struggles with the media.  “For most, all of my life, I’ve always been part of a family and part of a country that is scared of the tabloid media because they have so much power and influence and no morals (laughs),” he explained in a leaked phone call.

Now, we know much the phone-hacking affected the prince. The Times is reporting that Harry had “a complete breakdown in trust.” Apparently, voicemails often vanished from his inbox, and he never got messages from friends and family. Harry often received numerous missed calls from unknown numbers. The press also showed up where he was without him ever publicly announcing his location.

Clearly, this would have made anyone suspicious and paranoid.

Prince Harry is suing British newspapers for hacking his phone

Now that the whistleblower has come forward, the prince is suing News Group Newspapers, which owns The Sun and formerly owned the now-defunct News of the World. He is also suing Mirror Group Newspapers, which publishes the Daily Mirror and Sunday Mirror.

According to The Times, prince Harry is seeking aggravated damages” for a “gross violation” of his right to a private life. He is asking for more than £200,000 (about $265,000).

Since announcing Megxit, Harry and Meghan have made it clear that they are not going to let the British media walk all over them. In the leaked phone call the prince said,

From the moment that I found a wife that was strong enough to be able to stand up for what we believe in together, has basically scared them so much that they’ve now come out incredibly angry, they’ve come out fighting, and all they will try and do now is try and destroy our reputation and try and, you know, sink us. But what they don’t understand is the battle we are fighting against them is far more than just us.