Prince Harry Thinks We Should ‘Feel Sorry For’ His Stepmother Camilla Parker Bowles

Most people assume that Prince William and Prince Harry feel animosity toward their stepmother, Camilla Parker Bowles. Those feelings of animosity would certainly be justified. After all, Camilla is the ‘other woman’ in their father’s life, the one who split up the family and set off a series of catastrophic events that culminated in the tragic death of Princess Diana.

Prince William, Harry and Camilla
Camilla Parker Bowles, Duchess of Cornwall, Prince William and Prince Harry | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

Of course, no one can blame Camilla directly for this, nor should they. But still, it’s got to be a little weird for Prince William and Prince Harry to accept their father’s former lover and current wife without feeling like they’re betraying their mom.

Despite these risks, the brothers seem to have gotten past the drama and managed to forge a truce with the Duchess of Cornwall. In fact, Prince Harry said some pretty sweet things about Camilla in the past. Prince Harry even suggested that everyone should feel bad for her.

People always get this wrong about Camilla

Camilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker Bowles | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

True Royalty TV producer Juliet Rice explained that the public is mostly wrong about how William and Harry treat their stepmother.

“There’s been this historical misconception about Camilla because of the circumstances surrounding Prince Charles’ marriage to Princess Diana,” she said.

“There’s a lot of misconceptions about what really went on there and throughout all that coverage, the ‘80s and beyond, she’s never said a word. We didn’t talk to her about that, but it was nice to see her as a human, a relatively normal human being.”

Prince Harry even feels bad for his stepmother

Prince Harry and Camilla
Prince Harry and Camilla | Anwar Hussein/WireImage

The most essential piece of the puzzle is that both boys see how happy their dad is being married to Camilla, which in turn makes them happy, too. Prince Harry even admitted during an interview that he loves the Duchess of Cornwall for this very reason.

“To be honest, she’s always been very close to me and William,” Prince Harry revealed in the book, Harry: A Biography of a Prince. “She’s not a wicked stepmother. Look at the position she’s coming into. Don’t feel sorry for me and William, feel sorry for her,” he said.

Producer Juliet Rice confirmed this. “William and Harry adore her,” she said. “And her children get on extremely well with William and Harry.”

Camilla isn’t interested in taking Princess Diana’s place

Prince Charles and Camilla
Prince Charles and Camilla | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Perhaps one reason why Prince William and Prince Harry get along so well with their stepmother is she doesn’t seek to replace their mom. She even famously rejected the title ‘Princess of Wales’ out of respect for Diana, even though she should technically have that title now. A different type of person would insist on her formal title. But Camilla is content to let this one slide.

And there’s no denying that Camilla makes Prince Charles a happier, more content person, which is something his sons must notice and appreciate. It’s not easy being part of a blended family. But clearly, these royals are making it work as best they can.