Prince Harry Wants To Do Things ‘His Way’ Regardless Of What Queen Elizabeth Wants

Prince Harry has never been shy about breaking some of his family’s rules, but now that he has a family of his own, the Duke of Sussex reportedly wants to do everything his way — regardless of what Queen Elizabeth wants. With Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, gearing up for their big trip to South Africa, here’s a look at how Harry’s attitude might affect his royal duties.

Prince Harry Queen Elizabeth
Prince Harry and Queen Elizabeth | Photo by Julian Simmonds – WPA Pool / Getty Images

Harry opens up about personal causes

Members of the royal family are well-known for their charitable contributions, but when it comes to their personal lives, they rarely speak out in public. Prince Harry, however, has been bucking this family tradition in recent years.

Harry has been very vocal about issues that are close to his heart, such as mental health. In fact, Harry recently admitted to battling his own mental issues in the past and revealed that he was once on the verge of an emotional breakdown.

According to Express, royal expert Chris Ship claims to have spoken with Harry about his openness in the media. While Ship advised Harry to keep his personal struggles to himself, the Duke of Sussex told him that he enjoys doing things a bit differently than his grandmother.

“Look, this is my way of doing duty and service. My grandmother had a certain way of doing it but my way is to say ‘okay, I sought some help professionally for mental illness’ and if that encourages other people to talk about it or go and seek some help then that’s me imparting my duty and service,” Harry allegedly shared.

Ship noted that he was originally surprised by Harry’s attitude towards his royal duty. But considering everything Harry and his brother, Prince William, have experienced — chiefly the death of their mother, Princess Diana — Ship understands why they are so open.

During the 20th anniversary of Diana’s tragic passing, Prince William and Prince Harry participated in an emotional documentary in honor of their mother’s memory. The project offered a unique glimpse into their lives and showed how much their mother’s death affected their lives.

Elizabeth may not agree with Harry’s stance on his royal duties, but that clearly has not stopped him from speaking up.

Prince William and Prince Harry support mental health initiatives

William and Harry have been very supportive of mental health programs over the years. This year, for instance, the brothers set up a new text line for anyone in need of mental health services.

The program, called Shout, was funded by the Royal Foundation through a $3 million grant. Harry and Markle, of course, used to be a part of the Royal Foundation until they created their own organization a few months ago. The move came amid reports of a growing feud between the couples.

Harry’s involvement in mental health awareness started in 2017. At the time, Harry confessed that he underwent therapy three years prior to deal with issues stemming from his mother’s death.

Prince Harry sought professional counseling after his brother urged him to get help. Fortunately, the therapy did wonders for Harry and helped him understand the importance of being open about his personal struggles.

Inside Harry and William’s feud

Although Harry and William clearly shared a close bond, their relationship has been strained for several years. With the brothers unable to make amends, royal experts are concerned that Harry will continue to alienate himself from the family.

A few weeks ago, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle came under fire after news broke that they had used several private jets for personal trips. Amid the backlash, several celebrities came to the couple’s defense, including Sir Elton John, who revealed he gave them permission to use his plane because of safety concerns.

To make matters worse, Harry and Markle reportedly rejected Elizabeth’s invitation to spend a few weeks of the summer at her Balmoral getaway. The news broke shortly after William and Kate Middleton visited Her Majesty at her Scottish estate.

Although the pair was unable to make it to Scotland, Markle recently traveled to New York to watch her friend, Serena Williams, compete in the US Open. The actress was spotted in the audience cheering on the tennis legend, who fell short in the final match.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have not commented on the rumors surrounding their relationship with William and Middleton. The two are currently getting ready to tour South Africa, a trip that will be their first as a family of three.