Prince Harry Wants You to Stop Using the Word ‘Hippy’

Prince Harry wants to save the planet, but don’t call him a hippy. In a recent essay meant to bring people together, he implied that the word was divisive. However, the public seems a little confused by this and his entire message. Will the criticism of Prince Harry ever calm down?  

Prince Harry expressed his great concern for the planet

Prince Harry meets students during a visit to Nottingham Academy to mark World Mental Health Day.
Prince Harry | EAMONN M. MCCORMACK/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Prince Harry’s support of conservationist causes continues to expand. He recently penned an essay for The Telegraph in which he explained his support for the cause and why he wants everyone to get involved. 

The Duke of Sussex began the essay by sharing how his work over the last 22 years in Africa has opened his eyes to the problems that face our world, adding that he is “personally driven by the desire to help restore the balance between humans and nature.” 

During his time on the continent, Prince Harry says he’s seen Africa in trouble because of huge forests that have been destroyed, rivers that have been overfished, wild animals poached to extinction, and fires that have destroyed the land. He wants us all to become aware of the problems our earth is facing so that we can work together to put a stop to it. 

According to Prince Harry, the current problem is that there is a “total disconnect between the people and the land on which they live.” He acknowledged that people need food, jobs, and energy, but says we cannot let it become more important than taking care of our earth in the meantime. The duke believes the only way communities will begin safeguarding their natural assets is when they are incentivized to do so. 

Prince Harry doesn’t like the word ‘Hippy’

In his essay for The Telegraph, Prince Harry seemed especially worried that certain words would be used to separate people or dismiss ideas. The word ‘hippy’ was of special concern. Prince Harry wrote, “This may well sound hippy to some, but we cannot afford to have a ‘them or us’ mentality.”

The word hippy has been used in the past, especially by older generations to dismiss ideas, although not everyone uses the word in a negative way. In fact, the way Prince Harry seemed to imply the word was negative confused some, since there are many people around the world who consider themselves proud hippies.

Maybe it’s Prince Harry’s royal upbringing that’s caused him to think of hippy’s in a negative light? 

Regardless, Harry’s message seemed to be one of unity. He wants the world to come together to work on the problems we’re facing. 

Prince Harry can’t escape the critics

Unfortunately, Prince Harry may want us to come together and save the planet, but many are still focused on his actions, which some believe to be hypocritical. It all started when the Sussexes were caught taking four private jet rides in the span of only a few days. 

Critics were fast to point of that Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, have very open lately about their agenda of conservatism but don’t seem to follow the same rules in their private life. 

To make matters worse, in March, Prince Harry was reported to have taken a private helicopter ride from London to Birmingham, a journey that saved him 40 minutes from the travel time, but used five times the amount of emissions. He took this flight just two days before giving a speech on climate change to children. And this was all just after Duchess Meghan had taken another private plane to New York. 

It seems Prince Harry has good intentions, but he just can’t quite live up to that in his personal life — and his critics are never going to let that go.