Prince Harry’s Ex-Girlfriend Opens Up About the ‘Terrifying’ Press While Dating the Duke of Sussex

Upon her 2011 breakup with Prince Harry, then-25-year old lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce proclaimed in what the Telegraph deemed ‘Garbo-like fashion’ that she intended to remain mum about the short-lived summer romance. Now 34, Prince Harry‘s ex is opening up about her relationship with the young royal, going so far as to say she found the press ‘terrifying’ during her time in the public eye.

Now happily married, St. George talks candidly about her past public relationships

Before she became involved with Prince Harry, St. George spent two years in the public eye as she accompanied her lover, Formula One driver Jenson Button, around the race circuit. The pair met via mutual friends while she was in her final year at Bristol School. Florence continued to live with her parents, Andrew and Sophie, throughout her relationship with Button, says UK Daily Mail. The reason she stayed in the family home, she explained, wasn’t for the convenience of having her mum do her laundry, but because she genuinely enjoyed their company.

On the verge of her breakup with Button, St. George said that although she’ll always remember her time with the race car driver as ‘wonderful and exciting,’ she won’t at all miss the constant noise and excitement of the F1 race circuit. Of that long-ago period of her life, she noted: “I was strutting down Formula One pit lanes and that was really fun. And though I was in front of a camera to a degree, I kept it quite minimal. But then I had another relationship. . .”

The prince and the fashion model

Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, smiling looking off camera
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex | Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images

When discussing her exciting, albeit brief, affair with Prince Harry, St. George explained that their short relationship was reported on extensively by various media. St. George spoke more on the publicity: ” … what it was like to be under that focus I found it really terrifying …” Although some reports say that the prince broke off the relationship, the leggy blonde told Tatler it was she who called things off. “I made a decision quite quickly that it wasn’t the right thing for me. I have utmost respect for anyone who does live in that spotlight, but it left me with a total fear of the camera.”

Because they started dating in private, it is unclear when the prince, who was in training to become an Army Air Corps helicopter pilot, first met his fashion model lover. It is known, however, that in July 2011, the UK Daily Mail revealed that the queen’s grandson had been ‘secretly dating’ Florence Brudenell-Bruce for around four weeks.

Florence’s life post-prince

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Before dating the prince, Florence was romantically linked with the man to whom she is now married. His name is Henry St. George, and he’s the vice president of the Grand Bahama Port Authority.

Did the prince attend their July 2013 wedding? If he did, it was kept completely quiet. Today, the St. Georges are the proud parents of two kids, Iris and Jimmy, and split their time between homes in the Bahamas and London.