Prince Harry’s Family Has ‘Gone Out of Their Way’ to Help Meghan Markle as She Struggles With Royal Life

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are finally opening up about their struggles as members of the royal family. In a new documentary, the couple revealed that life in the spotlight has not been easy following the birth of their baby son, Archie Harrison. With Markle and Prince Harry returning to America next month, inside sources claim that the family has “gone out of their way” to make Markle feel more comfortable.

Meghan Markle royal life
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle | Photo by Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Royal family tries to make Markle feel welcome

Markle shared her thoughts on becoming a royal in an emotional interview for a new documentary. The clip was released shortly after Markle and Prince Harry returned home from their tour of South Africa.

While the former actress teared up during the interview, inside sources claim that Prince Harry’s family has “gone out of their way” to make Markle feel like she is a part of the family.

“I know that the Prince of Wales has several times reached out to Meghan,” the source shared. “They get on and share a love of music too. I know he invited her to a preview of an exhibition at the palace.”

According to Express, the source added that Queen Elizabeth has also reached out to Meghan Markle to ensure she feels comfortable in her new role. This includes inviting Prince Harry and Markle to Balmoral Castle, where Her Majesty spends her summers.

Although the royal family has gone to great lengths to make Markle happy, their efforts have not really paid off — at least not yet.

In the documentary, Markle opened up about her struggles this past year and confessed that joining the royal family has not been easy. Fans reacted positively to the interview and appreciated how much Markle discussed her issues.

Meghan Markle dishes on her struggles

The Duchess of Sussex revealed that she is “not really okay” with how things are going in her life.

Markle explained how not a lot of people ask how she’s doing and that it has been difficult living as a royal the past year.

She tried to suck things up and develop a stiff upper lip, but that only made things worse. At the end of the day, Markle realized that bottling things up inside is damaging, which probably explains why she’s opening up.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle only recently returned from their tour of South Africa. During the final leg of the trip, the Duke of Sussex announced a lawsuit against several British tabloids over how they have covered Markle the past few years.

He also came to his wife’s defense in the documentary, insisting that his primary goal is to protect her and their baby, Archie Harrison.

“So everything that she (Princess Diana) went through, and what happened to her, is incredibly important every single day, and that is not me being paranoid, that is just me not wanting a repeat of the past,” Prince Harry shared.

Prince Harry added that ordinary people would probably take the exact same steps to protect their families. In a surprising move, he then opened up about his rumored feud with Prince William, revealing that they have had their ups and downs in recent years.

He also stated that he is on a “different path” as his older brother, whom he does not see as often as he used to.

Prince Harry and Markle are coming to America

While we wait to hear more from the royal family, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex are coming to America next month. The couple is set to visit Los Angeles in November and is expected to be in town just in time for Thanksgiving.

Meghan Markle’s mother, Doria Ragland, lives in the area and will be visiting with the royal couple and their newborn son throughout their stay.

It is unclear if Markle and Prince Harry are going to appear at any official royal engagements during their stay in America, but royal watchers are hoping to catch a few glimpses of Archie Harrison before they return to England.

The pair brought their baby son with them on their tour of South Africa, so this will not be his first trip abroad.

The California vacation comes amid rumors that Prince Harry and Markle are seriously considering relocating from their home near Windsor Castle. There have been reports that the couple is looking at living in Los Angeles or setting up a home base in Cape Town.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have not commented on the moving rumors, but it definitely sounds like they need a break from the royal life.