Prince Harry’s Late Mother Princess Diana Would Be Extremely Proud of His Fathering Skills

It wasn’t all that long ago that Prince Harry was known as the “world’s most famous bachelor.” Now he is happily married and has an adorable one-year-old son.

Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, just recently settled down in California. In the past few months, we have been treated to several pictures of Archie Harrison. There is no doubt that Prince Harry is smitten with his son, and years ago, he even said that he couldn’t wait to be a father.

Millions of people are over the moon with joy for Meghan and Prince Harry, and judging from what we see, being a parent is something that he was meant to do. The only thing missing from Prince Harry’s life at this time is his beloved mother, Princess Diana, who sadly passed away before getting the joy of being a grandmother.

Here is how Prince Harry’s late mother Princess Diana would be extremely proud of his fathering skills.

Prince Harry has always been great with children

Prince Harry has been famous since the day he was born, and meeting new people has always been part of his life as a royal. He is sixth in line to the British throne, and his role has always put him in the public eye.

In fact, according to Town & Country, he is great at meeting and interacting with children, and has always had a special way of relating to them. Many people actually adore how Prince Harry is like a big kid himself, and enjoys being silly and having fun.

The Duke of Sussex, as the younger brother of the future king, has always had a great approach to everything, and it is rare that we see him without a smile on his face.

Prince Harry is finally starting a family

Prince Harry attends Adam Tower project introduction in 2019
Prince Harry attends Adam Tower project introduction in 2019 | KOEN VAN WEEL/AFP via Getty Images

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For a while, Prince Harry was almost like a “third wheel” in his brother’s marriage to Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Although he had a few girlfriends over the years, he was known to make appearances alongside Kate and Prince William, and that didn’t change when the Cambridge children were born.

It was in 2016 that the prince met and fell in love with Meghan, and they got married in 2018 in a ceremony that was broadcast live for the world to see. Fans were delighted when the couple welcomed their son, Archie Harrison, a year later, and the Duke and Duchess of Sussex couldn’t have appeared happier.

According to Metro, Prince Harry even said shortly after Archie’s birth that fatherhood was “the most amazing experience”, further proving that he was overjoyed at being a new dad. Fans are delighted for Prince Harry now that he is finally embarking on a journey that he has looked forward to for such a long time. 

Prince Harry’s late mother Princess Diana would be extremely proud of his fathering skills

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Parents are always proud of their children, but why is it that Princess Diana would be exceptionally proud of Prince Harry? Well, it is because she’d be able to relate so closely to what he has been through.

Princess Diana was notorious for being a great mom, and her sons were her first priority. BestLife reports that the late princess wanted Prince Harry and Prince William to live a “normal life,” and she went out of her way to teach them how to do so.

A royal insider reportedly said: “Diana always put her boys before everything else. She was fiercely devoted to them and wanted them to live as normal a life as possible. More than anyone else, she would understand Harry’s need to protect his son. He was always destined to be on a different path than [Prince]William, a future king, so Diana would have understood Harry putting Archie first, even if that meant leaving England.”

It looks as if Prince Harry wants the same for Archie, and Princess Diana would be so proud of how committed he is. Not surprisingly, Prince Harry said in an interview that he would “always protect his family” and how he has “a family to protect.”