Prince Harry’s New Hobby Has Fans Convinced His Post-Royal Life Will Involve Music

Now that Megxit is almost final, Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex’s lives will be drastically different. It used to be that their schedule was jam-packed with royal duties. And while there is no way to know exactly what goes on behind closed doors, we can only imagine that the couple didn’t have much time to themselves.

It was the overwhelming media spotlight that contributed to the decision for them to step back from their roles as senior royals. Ever since they got married a few years ago, we have known that they were longing for more privacy.

Since Megxit was announced, Meghan and Prince Harry have been spending as much time as possible in Canada. However, while finishing up royal duties, they haven’t been together nearly as much as they would like to.

With the time that he now has, the duke has found something new that he is interested in. Let’s talk about how Prince Harry’s new hobby has fans convinced that his post-royal life will involve music.

Bonding with musician Jon Bon Jovi

Royal fans are most likely aware that Prince Harry recently spent some time with musician Jon Bon Jovi. He made a trip back home to the United Kingdom, where he met up with Bon Jovi at Abbey Road Studios.

According to USA Today, fans lined up in the streets, and the flashbulbs went off by the dozens as Prince Harry arrived at the iconic location. Here, he watched and participated in the re-recording of one of Bon Jovi’s songs that were for the benefit of the Invictus Games, something that will always be near and dear to Prince Harry’s heart.

It looks like the American singer and the British prince had quite a bit of fun during their recording session, as they even stepped outside to pose for some fun photographs, recreating the famous Beatles’ album cover at Abbey Road Crossing.

Prince Harry has been learning to play the guitar

We can only imagine that the meeting with Bon Jovi was extra fun for Prince Harry since he has been recently learning to play the guitar. Fox News reports that his new interest in music may be a way of dealing with the stress of Megxit and all of the changes that are taking place.

Apparently, Prince Harry has owned a guitar of his own for quite some time, although he hasn’t really learned to play it, perhaps because he just didn’t have the time. Now that he is no longer going to be carrying out royal duties, guitar lessons just maybe at the top of Prince Harry’s to-do list.

Fans would be absolutely ecstatic if that were to happen, and we can only envision how great it would be to see Prince Harry playing some of his favorite tunes!

Prince Harry’s new hobby has fans convinced that his post-royal life will involve music

Prince Harry smiling, looking slightly off camera
Prince Harry | Adrian Dennis/Getty Images

While Prince Harry and Meghan are finally getting a quiet, stress-free life, he certainly won’t be sitting around without anything to do. There will be plenty of charity and humanitarian work that the couple will still be participating in, however.

Stepping down as a senior royal will allow Prince Harry to explore some things that he never had time for in the past. Now that we see what an amazing time that the prince had while connecting with one of the best musicians of all time, fans are definitely convinced that his post-royal life will involve music.

Even though learning guitar is new to him, he has always liked music and is likely excited about his new adventure. Music is a wonderful way to relax, and who knows, maybe he will even write a song for his wife Meghan, which his fans would absolutely love.