Prince Harry’s Rapport With Children Shows Aspects of His Mother, According to Royal Reporter

Princess Diana has been deeply missed for over 20 years. She was truly an angel on earth, reaching out to those in need, and she never hesitated to go above and beyond for anyone who depended on her.

Sadly, Prince Harry was only 12 years old when he lost his beloved mother, and he has always kept her memory alive through his royal duties as well as his personal endeavors. Everyone knows Diana will never be forgotten, and it was in her nature to be especially loving toward children.

Prince Harry is known to have a playful side, and over the years, we have seen him connecting with the younger royal fans in such a special way. He tends to gravitate towards children when he spots them in crowds, and he has a way of communicating with kids that makes them feel totally at ease.

Now, a royal reporter says that Prince Harry’s rapport with children shows aspects of his mother. Let’s take a look.

Prince Harry has a special connection with kids

Prince Harry
Prince Harry | Joe Giddins – WPA Pool/Getty Images

We all know that Prince Harry has a soft spot for any child. There is just something in his personality that kids are drawn to and, according to Popsugar, there were many times when he showed off his silly side with young fans.

Although Prince Harry connects well with any child, he is particularly caring toward those who are sick or have some sort of disability. This is evident in the work he has done as a royal, and even after Megxit, the Duke of Sussex is still as caring as can be.

Harper’s Bazaar reports that even while he and Meghan are quarantined at home in Los Angeles, California, Prince Harry took the time to participate in a video call for parents of sick kids with the WellChild children’s charity.

Princess Diana was known for caring greatly about children

There are so many things that Diana is remembered for, but one thing that definitely stands out is how much she cared for kids. According to AARP, the princess absolutely adored kids, and judging from the many pictures, they loved her right back.

Before her royal days, she worked with young children as a kindergarten aide and was known for singling out kids during royal appearances, even crouching down to talk to them at eye level. She was compassionate and empathetic and seemed to have a connection with her young royal fans that words just couldn’t explain.

Diana was one of the most caring royals that we can think of and focused a great deal of her royal work on charities that had to do with the needs of kids. Not surprisingly, it was these skills that made her such an excellent mother to her two young sons, and it seems as if Prince Harry is working to carry on the legacy that his mother left behind all those years ago.

Prince Harry’s rapport with children shows aspects of his mother

Prince Harry reminds royal fans of his mother Diana in so many ways, especially when we observe his connection to kids. According to a royal reporter, he has Diana’s “touch” when it comes to kids, and it definitely shows. He is so good at interacting with children who have special needs, and even his work with the Invictus Games reflects this.

What else has Prince Harry done that shows just how much he cares for kids? He founded a charity that focuses on children with HIV, and the cause has been close to his heart for years. We know Prince Harry was very close to Diana and picked up many of her amazing qualities.

Looks like over two decades later, Diana’s youngest son is still showing aspects of all the wonderful things she believed in.