Prince Louis Wore Prince Harry’s Old Clothes for His Trooping the Colour Debut and Royal Fans Are Freaking Out

Prince Louis made his Trooping the Colour debut and did it in a vintage royal outfit — wearing the same clothes that Prince Harry wore for his debut in 1986! The tiny detail was not lost on fans of the royals, who couldn’t get enough of Prince William and Kate Middleton dressing Louis in his uncle’s hand-me-downs.

Prince Louis Borrows Prince Harry's Clothes  Trooping the Colour 2019
Prince Louis, Prince George, Prince William, Princess Charlotte, Kate Middleton | Karwai Tang/WireImage

Prince Louis wore Prince Harry’s outfit

As if Prince Louis weren’t adorable enough at the Trooping the Colour ceremony, the fact that he sported the same white smocked shirt and blue shorts that his uncle, Prince Harry, once wore is off-the-charts cute.

Fans were at once won over and completely impressed that the royals keep their outfits after all the years.

One fan noted on Twitter: “Apparently prince Louis wore what Harry wore when he was young. I love that royals keep their childhood outfits with them forever.”

Royal contributor Patricia Treble tweeted: “Who wore it better, royal toddler edition: Prince Harry in 1986 (that’s Princess Anne holding him up) or Prince Louis in 2019 (held by mother Kate, Duchess of Cambridge) wear the same outfit. HOW BIG IS THE PALACE CLOSET? Cause a 33-year gap suggests some serious storage.”

Another fan pointed out that Middleton wore yellow, as Princess Anne did back in 1986, noting: “Prince Louis may be wearing the same outfit as his uncle, Prince Harry. And it’s a coincidence how Kate is wearing yellow like Princess Anne.”

UPDATE: Prince William wore the outfit first!

Prince George wore a familiar outfit for his Trooping the Colour debut

Prince Louis definitely melted some hearts today, but it’s worth a mention that Prince George, when he made his Trooping the Colour debut, wore a light blue shorts outfit, almost identical to what his father, Prince William, wore to his first Trooping the Colour event.

At this year’s event, Prince George and Princess Charlotte coordinated with Louis, with George wearing a white button-down shirt with blue piping and Charlotte wearing a blue floral print dress.

Is this a sign that a feud between the princes is over?

Many fans believe that Louis wearing Prince Harry’s hand-me-downs could be a sign that Prince William and Harry have smoothed over their reported feud.

Louis could have worn something belonging to his father and not Harry’s outfit, after all, so does this mean things are good between William and Harry again?

According to a report from The Sun, royal correspondent Emily Andrews claims that Meghan Markle has been trying to “calm things down” between the brothers. Andrews told Yahoo UK’s The Royal Box: “From all the people that I’ve spoken to, my understanding was it was Harry and William who had the difficulties and had fallen out. Someone told me actually that it was Meghan who had tried to make peace, [she] had tried to calm things down between Harry and William.”

She added, “I think she’s a very good influence on Harry.”

Additionally, Andrews tod Fabulous Digital: “I would say both Kate and Meghan tried to mediate with the brothers. Things are much better now, now they’ve split their households and the foundation will also split.”

“Things did get quite bad last year,” she explained, adding, “but I think a bit of distance between the two brothers both personally and professionally has helped.”