Prince Philip, 97, Was ‘Shocked and Shaken’ After Crashing His Range Rover

Prince Philip Mountbatten, 97, was involved in a serious car crash on the afternoon of January 17 while staying at the royal family’s Sandringham Estate. Luckily, Queen Elizabeth’s husband was not injured as a result of the accident.

He was taken to see a doctor after the accident occurred and was not treated for injuries. “He’s fine,” a source told PEOPLE. Still, the accident must have shaken up the whole royal family, especially with their history of tragic car accidents.

Prince Philip

Prince Philip | Alastair Grant – WPA Pool/Getty Images

Where did the accident take place?

The British royal family spends every Christmas at Sandringham Estate in Norfolk and according to Buckingham Palace, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth have remained there ever since the holiday celebrations.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace confirmed: “The Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a road traffic accident with another vehicle this afternoon. The Duke was not injured.”

She assured the public, saying: “He saw a doctor as a precaution and the doctor confirmed he was not injured.”

Perhaps the most shocking detail of all? Prince Philip himself was driving the Range Rover when it collided with another vehicle. He was pulling out of a driveway and onto a road when the car struck another car and flipped over. Bystanders helped to extricate Prince Philip from the wreckage and reported that he was conscious but also “shocked and shaken.”

Two people from the other vehicle sustained minor injuries.

Prince Philip Car Crash

BREAKING: Buckingham Palace has just confirmed the Duke of Edinburgh has been involved in a dramatic crash. #9News |

Posted by 9 News on Thursday, January 17, 2019

Why was Prince Philip driving?

The Duke of Edinburgh retired from public duties before his 70th anniversary back in 2017, but that doesn’t mean he’s been sitting at home watching BBC and drinking tea. He’s remained very active even in his retirement, driving his Range Rover and even leading horse-drawn carriages. There are even rumors that he’s been growing truffles.

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth both insist that they are in excellent health, but this accident could be proof that the royal couple should consider hiring drivers instead. After all, they can certainly afford chauffeurs.

Why was Prince Philip driving? Well, he must like to. In 2016, he drove former president Barack Obama and Michelle Obama along with his wife the Queen back to Windsor Castle after the Marine One helicopter landed nearby. He could have had someone else do the driving – but he wanted to do it.

What is the reaction from the public?

The president of AA in the UK had this to say about the negative comments: “We wish the Duke of Edinburgh well. Many commentators use high profile car crashes involving elderly drivers as a reason to call for bans or restrictions on older drivers. If driving restrictions based on age and safety were introduced we would be more likely to restrict young drivers rather than older drivers.

Young, predominantly male, drivers are much more likely to crash within 6 months of passing their test than older drivers within 6 months of hanging up their keys.

Older drivers often self restrict their driving by not driving at night and only driving on familiar roads.

The decision to hang up your keys is a tough one but should be based on personal advice from your GP and family rather than being based on some arbitrary age. We all age differently and the car is an essential lifeline for many elderly people.”