Did Prince Philip Move to Sandringham Estate to Get Away from Queen Elizabeth?

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth don’t live together anymore. Upon his retirement from royal duty, Prince Philip packed up and left for Sandringham Estate. After 70 years of marriage, the change in address is quite significant, which makes us wonder: Did Prince Philip move away from Buckingham Palace to get away from Queen Elizabeth?

Find out why the Duke of Edinburgh no longer calls the royal family headquarters home, ahead.

Where does Prince Philip live?

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip no longer live together. | ALASTAIR GRANT/AFP/Getty Images

While the Queen of England still spends a significant amount of time at Buckingham Palace — her home for nearly all her life — she’s now alone in her headquarters. Where does Prince Philip live? In 2017, the Duke of Edinburgh packed up and left for Wood Farm Cottage, which is located on Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, England.

Prince Philip didn’t move to get away from Queen Elizabeth. However, he did move to get away from the royal life. At the time of his move, Prince Philip was 96 years old (he will be 98 this June!) and finally called it quits. The Duke of Edinburgh retired from his life-long royal duties — which included 22,219 solo engagements and 5,496 speeches — in May 2017.

Unlike the queen, Prince Philip was allowed to retire (though much later than a commoner typically would) from his roles and responsibilities. Her Majesty can’t retire without abdicating the throne, so she still attends countless events and meetings and takes care of her other duties (which includes working closely with diplomats and hosting world leaders).

How often does he visit Buckingham Palace?

Prince Philip
Prince Philip no longer lives at Buckingham Palace. | Joe Giddens/PA Images via Getty Images

At the time of his retirement, the Duke of Edinburgh decided that he wanted some quiet time, away from the royal spotlight and hustle and bustle of London. In addition to Sandringham Estate, he also visits Windsor Castle — the queen’s weekend getaway — regularly. However, he rarely shows face at Buckingham Palace.

According to The Daily Beast, Prince Philip has more or less moved out of Buckingham Palace and, since his retirement, has spent only a “handful of nights” there. He really loves the peace and quiet his new living situation offers him. “It is away from the public eye and it’s so peaceful and such a beautiful location,” said one royal source. “[Philip] also spends time at Windsor Castle and goes to Buckingham Palace on the off occasion, like for Remembrance Day,” they confirmed.  

Where does Queen Elizabeth live?

Since Queen Elizabeth can’t retire, she is required to spend much more time at Buckingham Palace. However, Her Majesty has slowed down a bit and divided some of her royal tasks — especially the engagements that require travel — to her children and grandchildren. With her royal family members splitting up royal duties, the queen has a little more time to go back and forth between her royal properties and visit Prince Philip at Sandringham Estate or Windsor Castle. She also travels to Balmoral Castle every year for summer vacation.

With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving to Windsor this spring, the queen and duke might also opt for more time together at Windsor Castle to soak in their newest great-grandbaby, Baby Sussex.

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