Prince William and Kate Middleton ‘Can Never Escape’ This Part of Royal Life, Expert Says

Royal life has been all Prince William has ever known — and it’s the subject of a new documentary about William and Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. The documentary’s executive producer explained how being born into the job is something Prince William can never escape and how fame just comes with the territory.

Prince William and Kate Middleton chat at the counter during their visit to Joe's Ice Cream Parlour in Mumbles, south Wales
Prince William and Kate Middleton | ARTHUR EDWARDS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Prince William and Kate can’t escape fame

At birth, Prince William joined the royal family and became famous because of that immediate connection. According to Nick Bullen, co-founder and editor-in-chief of True Royalty TV, which has released a new documentary Prince William: A Monarch in the Making, it’s part of the gig that William “can never escape.”

In an interview with Fox News, Bullen shed some light on how the royal family, despite their fame, don’t consider themselves celebrities.

“The joy of royalty and British royalty particularly is [that] none of the royals see themselves as celebrities,” Bullen explained. “They’re born into this job.”

He continued, “Most celebrities crave the fame. Most celebrities have worked to get that fame, whether it’s with talent or, in the case of sometimes these reality stars, maybe lack of talent, but it’s there for the royals from day one.”

“And it’s something you can never escape,” he added.

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The Cambridges are committed to their duty

Compared to how other celebrities have peaks and valleys in their careers, the Cambridges have a constant commitment to the duty of the job — the fact that they’re famous falls to the wayside with the work they are tasked with as “duty comes first.”

“They are [one of] the most famous people in the world and they can’t escape it,” Bullen shared. “I think they choose not to consider the celebrity world because they literally don’t see themselves as part of it.”

He continued, “They haven’t sought fame… They’ve got a duty and they do the best that they can with their duty. And you know, we’ve seen when royalty and celebrity come together — it can sometimes not work.”

They try to maintain normalcy

Given their level of fame, it’s hard to imagine that Prince William and Kate could have a typical normal life, but they do try their best. Part of that success lies with William’s interaction with Kate’s family, who are not royals.

“They were clearly friends before they were in a relationship,” Bullen explained. “That foundation was set in the early part of the marriage… and I think Kate’s family, the Middleton family, gave William a support network that is somewhat different [than] the monarchy.”

He continued, “Clearly he loves his father. He loves his grandparents. But it’s a more formal role within that family. When you go to the Middletons, he was having kitchen suppers on a Friday night in a very informal way… For all of us, that seems very normal. But for him, it wasn’t.”

“There’s genuine love,” Bullen said of the couple and it’s clear that their foundation as friends first has served them well. “I think Kate and William are genuinely in love and have a really great partnership.”