Prince William and Kate Middleton Plan On Prince George Helping Them Clean Up After Harry and Meghan Drama

Prince William and Kate Middleton have a plan to get the royal family back on track, and it involves their oldest son, Prince George. The royals have been picking up the pieces following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s shocking exit. While some members of the monarchy will be asked to increase their workload in the coming months, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, hope that George can give the royals the boost they desperately need.

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Kate Middleton, Princess Charlotte, Prince William, and Prince George | Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle deal a huge blow to the monarchy

At the beginning of January, Harry and Meghan stunned the world when they announced plans to step away from the royal family. The shocking decision was largely made so that Harry and Meghan could live a quiet life with their son, Archie Harrison.

Considering all the negative press Harry and Meghan have endured, it is hard to blame them for wanting out of the spotlight. Not only does their exit give them a much-needed break from the royal life, but it also gives them more autonomy.

That said, their exit also puts a lot of strain and pressure on other members of the royal family, who will be forced to pick up the slack.

A lot of that extra workload will rest on Prince William and Kate’s shoulders, though an inside source claims that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge want George to help the monarchy move past Megxit in a big way.

Inside Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s Christmas Day outing

The idea that George will be used to help repair the royal family’s public image is not that surprising. Although he is only six years old, George has already enjoyed the spotlight in recent months.

Back in December, George and his younger sister, Princess Charlotte, wowed crowds following the royal family’s annual Christmas Day service at Sandringham.

The brother and sister waved to onlookers outside of the church and absolutely stole the show when they mingled with a few lucky fans.

Prince William and Kate, of course, have been very vocal about raising their children in as normal of an environment as possible. And with Prince George only being six years old, we have to admit that it is difficult to see him being thrust into the spotlight.

Even still, a source claims that William and Kate have big plans for George this year.

This is how Prince George will help the royals

An inside source, who has decided to remain anonymous, says that Prince William and Kate will be bringing Prince George with them on more royal engagements in the coming year. The two hope this will help George become accustomed to life as a member of the royal family.

According to Express, they also believe that George appearing in public will give the monarchy a popularity boost in the wake of Megxit. The couple has not confirmed the reports, though other sources claim that they are already preparing George for the day he becomes King.

“William and Kate have already talked to George and Charlotte about their future roles, but in a child-like way so that they understand without feeling overwhelmed,” the source stated. “George knows there’s something special about him and that one day he’ll be the future King of England.”

Megxit, of course, is not the only scandal the royals have faced in recent months. This past fall, Prince Andrew found himself in the hot seat once again over his controversial ties to Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrew was forced to step down from his royal duties after a disastrous interview on television. The move was a big blow to the royal family, so it is not surprising that they are thinking about ways to turn things around.

Prince William and Kate Middleton enjoy a rare public appearance with these royals

While we wait to see what happens with Prince George, Prince William and Kate recently enjoyed a special public appearance with Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles.

The foursome visited a new military hospital called the Defense Medical Rehabilitation Center, where they mingled with injured military men and women.

At one point during the visit, Prince Charles was spotted pushing Prince William around a basketball court in a wheelchair. The father and son enjoyed a rare moment of affection and did a great job putting up a united front.

Harry and Meghan, meanwhile, are currently enjoying their time away from the royal spotlight. The two have been staying in Canada and recently attended a private summit in Miami. They have not commented on the reports surrounding their exit.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are headed to Ireland in the coming weeks and are reportedly planning a trip to Australia to access the damage from the recent wildfires.