Prince William And Kate Middleton: Royal Insiders Claim They Have Proof Their Relationship Was Planned

By all appearances, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s romance is straight out of a fairytale. After meeting in college and falling in love, the two experienced a few ups and downs before finally tying the knot in a beautiful ceremony in 2011. Their relationship has the appearance of being totally random, yet there are some royal watchers who believe the entire romance was planned from the start.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Photo by David Rowland – Pool/Getty Images

Did Kate Middleton and Prince William really meet in college?

As the story goes, Middleton and William originally crossed paths when they were first-year students at St. Andrews. The two allegedly struck up a friendship and were dating other people at the time.

That all changed when Middleton famously modeled a revealing gown for a fashion show and immediately caught William’s eye. The pair’s relationship quickly turned romantic and the rest is history. The only problem with that story is that they may have met long before their days at St. Andrews.

According to Style Caster, author Katie Nicholl claims that Kate Middleton and Prince William first met when they were children. As noted in her biography, Kate: The Future Queen, Nicholl argues that the pair first met in prep school when William was only 9 years old.

In those days, Middleton was attending St. Andrew’s Prep, which often played Prince William’s school, Ludgrove Prep, in hockey. William was a left back on the team and Middleton would have undoubtedly heard about him whenever the two schools were pitted against each other. Nicholl believes that it was during this time that Middleton first decided to pursue William.

Kate Middleton’s parents push her to attend St. Andrews

Prep school aside, there are some fans who believe Middleton’s parents urged her to attend St. Andrews because they knew William was attending the university as well. This has led some royal watchers to speculate that perhaps Middleton and William’s meeting in college was not as coincidental as it seems.

The only issue with this theory is that Prince William did not reveal that he was going to attend St. Andrews until fairly late in the game. Unless Middleton had some inside information, it would have been difficult for her to set it up.

These reports were so prevalent that Middleton and William addressed them back in 2010. At the time, William joked that Middleton had photos of himself in her dorm, to which Middleton revealed that she did have photos of guys on her wall, but they were of models, not William.

That said, a former roommate of Kate Middleton, Jessica Hay, claims that she did have a poster of William hanging on her wall. Hay also says that Middleton would comment about how there was nobody like William in the world.

Was their romance planned?

Unless more information comes to light, it is difficult to tell if Middleton and William’s romance was planned. If Middleton’s parents orchestrated it, they have done an excellent job covering their trail. The theory also does not explain why Kate Middleton and Prince William parted ways in 2007. If the relationship was planned, then there would have been no reason for them to part ways.

After they reunited, Prince William opened up about the brief split and chalked it up to both of them needing some space. Fortunately, everything worked out for the better and the couple got engaged three years later. They exchanged vows in 2011 and currently share three children: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

Inside Kate Middleton’s relationship with Queen Elizabeth

From the outside looking in, Kate Middleton has always appeared to have a close relationship with Queen Elizabeth. Some royal experts, however, do not believe the two are as close as they seem. Ingrid Seward, who runs the Majesty Magazine, thinks that Middleton and Elizabeth share little in common outside of their roles within the royal family.

Seward believes their lack of mutual interests means they are not very intimate, though Elizabeth clearly respects Middleton as a person. This is in contrast to Meghan Markle, who seems to have a knack for making Elizabeth laugh.

Kate Middleton and Prince William have not commented on the rumors that their relationship was planned.