Prince William and Kate Middleton Will Inherit a Staggering Amount of Money When Prince Charles Takes the Throne

Prince William is about to inherit a whole lot of money when his father, Prince Charles, becomes the King of England. As the Prince of Wales, Prince Charles owns and operates the Duchy of Cornwall, a country estate worth a whopping $1 billion. William is currently worth millions of dollars, but his net worth will dramatically increase once he inherits his father’s lush estate.

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Photo by Pool/Samir Hussein/WireImage

Prince William to inherit a staggering amount of money

The Duchy of Cornwall funds the vast majority of the Prince Charles’ yearly budget. Prince William and Prince Harry also receive money from Cornwall — but the Prince of Wales controls where it goes and how it is divided up. Those responsibilities will pass on to Prince Charles’ oldest son once he takes a seat at the head of the monarchy.

According to Express, the Duchy of Cornwall is comprised of 53,000 hectares of property that extends into 23 different counties. In 2018, the estate was estimated to be worth near the $1 billion mark — all of which Prince William will inherit someday.

Edward III created the Duchy of Cornwall way back in 1337. It was originally meant to finance his son, Prince Edward, and has been passed down ever since.

Fast forward to 2018, and the estate made over $21 million last year alone.

Prince Charles uses this money to fund his various public projects, including charitable endeavors and state functions. He also splits some of the money between his two sons. While William will take over the operation one day, how does he feel about controlling a billion-dollar estate?

William opens up about running Cornwall

The Duchy of Cornwall is not an easy estate to run. This is why Prince William has been preparing himself for the added responsibilities over the past few years. When William does take over his father’s old post, he does not plan on doing things differently. Instead, Prince William hopes to keep things humming along just like his father.

“Well, rest assured I’m not going to rock the boat; I’ll do much the same as what my father’s doing,” William shared.

The Duke of Cambridge added that his dad takes regular trips to the Duchy of Cornwall to ensure everything is going smoothly. He has gone with Prince Charles on a few of these outings and has already learned a lot about the business.

Although Prince William is prepared to take over the operation, it might be quite a long time before that happens. Prince Charles has waited longer than anyone in British history to sit on the throne. Queen Elizabeth may be in her 90s, but she has zero plans on stepping down before her death.

There is no telling how much longer Her Majesty will remain on the throne, but it could be several years before Prince Charles takes the throne.

Once that happens, then William will receive new titles and will inherit the Duchy of Cornwall. He will pass the estate on to his oldest son, Prince George, when it is his time to accept the crown.

How much is Prince William currently worth?

Prince William’s worth will skyrocket once he controls the Duchy of Cornwall, but he is already worth millions of dollars. The future King of England is estimated to be worth near the $40 million mark. A good chunk of Prince William’s fortune was inherited, though he has worked for a living as well.

Four years ago, Prince William was employed as a pilot for the East Anglian Air Ambulance, taking home over $50,000 a year. Given how the royals do not need a salary, he donated it all to local charities.

Prince William also inherited around $10 million from his late mother, Princess Diana, and a few items from her personal jewelry collection. The Queen Mother also donated $14 million to Prince William and his brother, Prince Harry, though most of that will go to the Duke of Sussex once Prince Charles takes the throne. 

For reference, the entire royal family is worth a whopping $75 billion as of 2017. That number has likely grown over the past two years and will probably continue to increase as time passes.

Prince William and Kate Middleton just returned from a royal tour of Pakistan.