Apparently, Prince William Is Friends With All Of The Moms At Prince George’s School

Prince William might be a working royal who is used to fulfilling his royal duties and studying to eventually be the Crowned King. However, he’s also just a dad. Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis dad is a normal father just like everyone else. During the week, the prince trades off with Duchess Kate Middleton when it comes to dropping their kids off to school. In fact –Prince William has become quite popular and friendly with the moms at Prince George’s school.

This is how Prince William became close friends with the moms at Prince George’s school

Prince George attends Thomas’s Battersea, a private Christian school with a stellar reputation. The Cambridges have made an effort to connect with students and parents at Thomas’s, and they especially want to make sure that their son feels as included and as normal as possible.

Prince William stops to chat with the moms during drop off in the morning and he’s also begun working out with them. A parent told Vanity Fair, “George is really happy at school. Either William or Kate do drop off, and they are always very friendly. William particularly loves to have a chat with some of the other parents and he works out with some of the mums at the Harbour Club after drop off. He’s very chatty and amiable.”

Apparently, the Harbour Club is a luxury group of private gyms with locations in Kensington, Chelsea, and Notting Hill. The gym also boats classes for kids including –dance, karate, and yoga classes.

Inside Prince George’s school

Thomas’s Battersea’s website describes it as a busy, thriving, purposeful school that offers a rich and broad curriculum. Thomas’s Battersea’s mantra is “Be Kind.” Along with their academics, the school has a ton of extracurricular activities including, fencing, philosophy, gardening, and pottery among others. Thomas’ certainly isn’t the cheapest school Prince William, and Duchess Kate Middleton could have sent their first-born son it. It cost a whopping $24,000 a year to attend. The Cambridges love Thomas’s so much that they are enrolling Princess Charlotte in the school in the fall.

Does Prince George like school?

Prince George adores school. One of Prince George’s classmates’ parents told Vanity Fair that the little prince adores school and his classmates call him P.G. The parent said, “He’s very popular and has a lot of friends, and there’s very little fuss made about who he is.”

Why did Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton choose Thomas’s Battersea for Prince George?

The duke and duchess felt that Thomas’s Battersea was the right fit for their eldest son. A royal insider revealed, “They are very keen to allow George to spread his wings as a child and won’t ever do what people expect them to do when it comes to their children.”

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