Prince William Has the Sweetest Thing to Say About Queen Elizabeth’s Reign

Queen Elizabeth is the longest-reigning British monarch to date. People absolutely love hearing all about the things that she does for the good of the people of the United Kingdom, and she has fans all around the world. For decades, her majesty has been a shining example to so many people, from those who have never actually met her in person to the members of her immediate family. She is an amazing person who is greatly admired, and we can’t even begin to praise all of her accomplishments over the course of so many years. 

There is no doubt that Queen Elizabeth has made the most perfect impression on millions of people. She may be a role model to her incredible number of royal fans, but we need to remember that her family looks up to her simply as “granny”, “great-granny”, and other endearing titles. In fact, Prince Harry said in an interview with Good Morning America that he knows how fortunate he is that he can turn to his grandmother for advice whenever it is needed, and “bend her ear” because of her many experiences.

As the patron of over 3000 charities, we can only imagine the great amount of experience that she has accumulated. Her family members know how special the queen is, which is why Prince William had the sweetest thing to say about her reign.

How did her majesty become queen?

Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth | John Stillwell-WPA Pool/Getty Images

Royals such as Prince Charles and Prince William were born knowing that they were in the direct line of succession and would one day be the ruling monarch. This wasn’t the case for Queen Elizabeth. According to BBC News, her father, King George, was not expected to become king when he was born.

Many people may not realize that King George was not the oldest son. He had a brother named Edward, who was directly in line for the throne. However, when Prince Edward married an American woman, he abdicated the throne. As a result, King George inherited the crown. Princess Elizabeth became queen when her father passed away in 1952.

Queen Elizabeth has been an example to many

Being a queen is a privilege that very few people ever get to experience. Most people couldn’t imagine how it feels to be the ruling monarch of 16 independent states, also known as the Commonwealth realms, however, Queen Elizabeth handles it with dignity and ease. Historyplex reports about her many accomplishments, such as her 1957 visit to the United States, where she spoke in front of the nation’s Congress, becoming the first monarch ever to do so.

She has a wonderful reputation, and she continues to donate to children’s charities from her own personal funds. According to Quora, her majesty also helps people live free of outside forces. She continues to do the best she can for all of the people that she represents, and even at the age of 93, Queen Elizabeth has shown no signs of slowing down. What a great ruling monarch she has been for all of her years on the throne.

What did Prince William say about his grandmother?

In a touching statement reported in, Prince William said that the queen, over the years, has provided great “example and continuity” and “is very rare among leaders” and “a great source of pride and reassurance”. There is no doubt that her majesty was delighted at the idea of knowing that this is how her grandson, who will someday follow in her footsteps as the ruling monarch. How sweet that Prince William was able to express his warm and heartfelt feelings to the world.