Prince William and Kate Middleton Banned the Queen’s So-Called ‘Royal Rules’ in Their Home — Here’s Why

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been known to break a royal rule from time-to-time. So, it should come of no surprise that the royal couple prefers to leave the queen’s protocol at the door of their 20-room apartment in Kensington Palace.

Up ahead, find out the real reason the two don’t want to enforce royal family rules inside their palace abode, plus the royal family rules the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge break at home.

Why Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t follow royal rules at home

Christening Of Prince Louis Of Cambridge at St James's Palace
Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t enforce royal rules at home. | Dominic Lipinski/Getty Images

While they have their own house rules — like no iPads and spending time as a family — to follow, Prince William and Kate Middleton want their three children to grow up as normal as possible, which means doing away with Queen Elizabeth II’s stuffy rulebook.

Surely, the young royals are informed of certain protocol — like minding their manners, especially around the queen — to follow. But, right now, they have no idea they are royal, so giving them a list of so-called “royal rules” to follow might feel a tad unnatural for the young princes and princess.

Royal rules Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t follow at home

Prince William and Kate Middleton know they have a responsibility to help usher their sons and daughter into royal life, but right now they are choosing to wait to tell them of their fate. With that in mind, the two have done what they can to create a more kid-friendly environment for their littles to grow up in. Here are the royal rules the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge frequently break at home.


At Buckingham Palace, pasta is considered an every once in a while dish, as the queen prefers to stay away from starchy foods. But, while the queen might have banned one of Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s favorite foods at her home, Kate Middleton makes the dish for her children at Kensington Palace.


Boarding school is a popular choice for young royals, but many believe the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will sent their children somewhere more local, such as an independent school in London. Right now, Prince George attends Thomas’s Battersea, which is around $23,000 per year. Princess Charlotte attends Willcocks Nursery School but will join her brother at his independent school this fall.


In their household, Prince William and Kate Middleton practice active listening and they often crouch down to get on the same level as their children as they talk. But, such behavior is viewed as inappropriate in the royal family. Queen Elizabeth once scolded Prince William for squatting down to talk to Prince George on the Buckingham palace balcony. Her Majesty tapped Prince William and told him to stand tall.

In addition to active listening, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge encourage their children to discuss their feelings. As advocates for mental health, they see value in teaching their kids to be open with their emotions from a young age — something very uncommon in the royal family.

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