Prince William and Kate Middleton Are Closer Than Ever After Megxit

It’s hard to believe that just under a year ago, Prince William and Kate, Duchess of Cambridge were embroiled in the biggest scandal they’ve ever faced as a couple. In 2019, rumors began swirling that the future crowned king had an extramarital affair with Middleton’s good friend, Rose Hanbury.

Though the rumors turned out to be false, it took several months for them to die down and for the Cambridges to find their footing again as a couple. In fact, one of the ways they were able to reconnect was with a romantic getaway away from the grueling pressure of the spotlight.

Now, following the shocking resignation of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex — the Cambridges have never been more in sync with one another.

Prince William and Prince Harry are still not on the best terms

Though they issued a statement following Megxit that seemed to put their acknowledged feud to bed, it appears that the Duke of Sussex didn’t leave the U.K. on the best terms with his older brother. As we know, the once close brothers have had some tension since 2016 — when the future king warned Prince Harry about moving too quickly with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

Unfortunately, there is still some tautness there, but things are calming down. “They didn’t leave on good terms by any means, but they are both relieved that it’s over,” an alleged friend told People.

Now that the dust after Megixt has settled it looks like the brothers are ready to begin repairing their relationship. But for now, the Duke of Cambridge is leaning on his wife, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge.

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been struggling since Megxit

Things have no been easy for the Cambridges following Megxit. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit was utterly shocking for the duo. Also, when the Sussexes dropped their royal duties the Cambridges’ schedules got exponentially more hectic.

“I think the severity of what’s happened has had a huge impact on his brother, on his sister-in-law,” royal expert Katie Nicholl explained. “Both of them are still reeling from the news, coming to terms with the reality of this situation.”

Middleton, in particular, has been struggling under the pressure. “Kate’s in a panic and has been having bouts of anxiety,” an insider told US Weekly. “She barely has time to rest, and when she does try to sleep, her mind is constantly racing.”

Prince William and Kate Middleton have been closer than ever since Megxit

Despite their new, more robust schedules and duties, royal fans have noticed the typically reserved Cambridges have been showcasing a ton of PDA lately. It looks like working together has tightened their already strong bond.

“The Cambridges are busier than ever since Harry and Meghan left the U.K.,” a source told US Weekly. “You’d think their hectic schedule would put strain on the marriage, but it’s actually brought them closer together. Working as a team and supporting each other is essential at a time like this, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.”

The duke was even overheard giving the duchess a sweet compliment when someone commented on their daughter, Princess Charlotte. “Yes, she is lovely—just like my wife,” he said.

We think the royals will be just fine.