Who Is Lupo the Royal Dog? Everything You Want to Know About Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Dog

It’s no secret that the royal family (particularly Queen Elizabeth II) loves dogs. In fact, nearly all member of the family has one — and Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just adopted another. While we often hear about the queen’s corgis and Meghan Markle’s dogs, we rarely see Prince William and Kate Middleton’s family pet, Lupo the royal dog. Up ahead, we share everything you want to know about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s dog, Lupo.

Kate Middleton and Prince William with Prince George and their family dog, Lupo. | Michael Middleton / PA Wire / Getty Images

Lupo the royal dog

In the royal family, dogs are treated with similar respect (and spoiled rotten) as human members of the family. Queen Elizabeth II’s corgis even have their own special menu — created by Buckingham Palace chefs — and play area. But, what about Prince William and Kate Middleton’s dog, Lupo? As it turns out, he also lives the royal life. Here’s an inside look at Lupo the royal dog’s life at Kensington Palace.

Lupo the royal dog is an English Cocker Spaniel

The royal family — particularly the Queen of England — is known for their love of corgis. However, Prince William and Kate Middleton’s dog Lupo is not from the same breed. Lupo is a black English Cocker Spaniel.

He is related to Kate Middleton’s parents’ dog

Like his mother, Kate Middleton, Lupo the royal dog comes from a commoner background. The royal dog was bred from a dog named Ella — aka Michael and Carole Middleton’s (Kate Middleton’s parents) pet dog.

How they chose his name

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s dog’s name comes from the Italian word for “wolf.” According to some reports, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge named their family pet Lupo after Kate Middleton’s paternal great-grandmother, Olive Christiana Lupton, whose family crest had wolves on it.

Lupo kept Kate Middleton company when Prince William was deployed

When Prince William was deployed with the Royal Air Force in the Falkland Islands, Lupo the royal dog kept Kate Middleton company. The companions even made some special appearances, including on the cover of Hello Magazine.

Lupo helped pick Prince George’s name

Like lots of dog parents, Prince William and Kate Middleton consider their dog part of the family. So much so that they even had him help select their first-born’s name. According to reports, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge placed pieces of paper on the floor and the royal dog stopped on the name “George.”

He’s a little mischievous

Prince William and Kate Middleton call Kensington Palace their family home now. However, when they were waiting for the birth of Prince George, they stayed at the Middleton family’s home in Berkshire — and, of course, brought Lupo with them. While there, Lupo got into a little mischief and ended up getting his head stuck in a set of gates on the family property. The firefighters were called, but his head was freed moments before their arrival.

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