How Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Relationship Will Change Once They Become King and Queen

Prince William and Kate Middleton likely still have quite a few years before they become king and queen, though they are already preparing to take on that important royal role. Anyone who follows the royal family can see that William and Kate do things differently than their in-laws, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, mostly because Harry is much further down the line for the throne. But how will Kate and William’s relationship dynamic change once they officially become rulers of the British Monarchy?

Prince William and Kate Middleton
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

William and Kate already have stricter royal roles than Harry and Meghan

William and Kate’s dynamic already differs greatly from Harry and Meghan’s, and that is mostly because William and Kate have many more rules to follow. When Meghan married into the royal family, she became a working royal, but she and Harry were given more freedoms than their in-laws (such as having a bit more privacy and moving to Frogmore Cottage). William and Kate have always been very public with their relationship and family; they inform the people of important events in their lives, such as their children’s first days of school.

Right now, William and Kate have a bit more freedom to raise their family

William is still second in line for the throne, and that has been the case for his entire life. His grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II, raised her entire family while she was queen, and Princes Charles’ kids were raised while he was first in line. But William is a bit further down the line right now, which has allowed him to give his children the upbringing he thinks they deserve. William and Kate have done their best to make sure Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis have hands-on parents, but the same can’t be said for the queen, who had to simultaneously raise a family while she ruled.

By the time they rule, the two will focus more on the monarchy and less on family time

When William and Kate do take the throne, their relationship will shift from family-oriented to work-oriented. Though the two will still find time to spend just with one another, work will become a priority. They won’t spend as many evenings with their kids, who will have hopefully grown up and started lives of their own by the time they rule. As king and queen, they will likely become more focused on serving the public rather than on each other. They’ve been lucky to have some important alone time — and family time — for as long as they have.

They will have more serious attitudes when they’re together

It seems that in every photo William and Kate take, she’s always laughing at something the prince has said. They tend to keep things light in their relationship, though when they become the official rulers, things will probably turn more serious. Queen Elizabeth loves to have fun, but she has a much more serious way about her than William and Kate seem to have now. As their royal roles become more important, their relationship will lack the goofiness it has today — at least while they’re in the public eye.  

Based on the longevity of the royal family, William and Kate won’t rule for a long time. This works in their favor, since it allows them to develop a stronger relationship with a bit more privacy than William’s grandmother had, as well make family the focus of their relationship rather than work. But in time, that will change.