Inside Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Strict Parenting Rules

Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William are extremely busy as senior members of the British Royal Family. However, that doesn’t mean that they are hands-off parents when it comes to making sure their three kiddos get the love, attention, structure, and care that they need.

Since having Prince George in 2013 — the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have been very candid about the trials and joys of parenting. Now that they’ve expanded their family with Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis — the duo have been even more open about their varied experiences.

Many royal fans have noticed that the duke and duchess are actually fairly strict when it comes to their parenting style in ways that you might not expect.

Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t allow their children to go to events on school nights

Education is very important to the British Royal Family. Though Prince Louis is not yet school-aged — his siblings, Princess Charlotte and Prince George attend Thomas’ Battersea school during the week. The duke and duchess always want their children to be well-rested on school nights, which is why outside events and activities are out of the question.

Recently, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Prince William attended the Royal Variety Performance, where a performance of Mary Poppins took place. George, Louis, and Charlotte begged their parents to attend, but their heartfelt request was denied. 

Mirror is reporting that the duchess told her little ones, “not on a school night.” Thankfully, the holidays are approaching, so the tiny royals will be able to get out and about more often.

Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William limit their children’s screen time

With everything from Disney + to iPads — television and movies have never been more accessible to children. However, the duke and duchess don’t allow their kids to veg out in front of the TV. Screen time is tightly monitored in the Cambridge household.

A royal insider told US Weekly, “As two people who grew up without gadgets for entertainment themselves, William and Kate are firm believers in toys, outdoor play, and encouraging an active imagination. They’re very much a normal family.”

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis play outside every day

Though the U.K. isn’t exactly known for its sunshine and sunny weather –George, Charlotte, and Louis still play outside every day unless the temperature is below freezing or dangerously hot. The little royals’ nanny — Maria Teresa Turrion Borrello was trained at Norland College in Bath, England.

Norland Nanny expert Louise Heren told The Sun, “There will be lots and lots of outdoor play; that’s the one thing you could say Norland are old-fashioned about. Loads of fresh air.”

Middleton and Prince William might have stricter parenting rules than some. However, it’s evident that they are only looking out for the mental health and well being of their children. This also extends to disciplining their children. Nanny Borrello nor the duke and duchess ever strike their children. However, rules and structures are still a massive part of their household.