Prince William and Prince Charles Tried to Help Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Leave the Royal Family, Source Says

When Prince Harry and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex tied the knot in May 2018, there was a ton of excitement surrounding them. Prince Harry has always been a beloved member of the British royal family, and fans seemed thrilled that he’d finally found the love of his life.

For her part, Meghan was dazzling in her own right. The mixed-race American actress had her own loyal following. Her grace and her attitude toward charitable work seemed like the perfect fit for the royal family.

Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as planned. As quickly as the British press and public warmed to Meghan, they soured against her reporting on tabloids and false accusations surrounding her. As she suffered under the limelight the royals chose to invoke their “stiff upper lip” policy, to never complain or explain.

In the end, the Sussexes chose to leave the royal fold for life as civilians. Now, a royal expert claims Prince Charles and Prince William tried to help Meghan and Prince Harry leave.

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This afternoon, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex attended the annual Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on Commonwealth Day, alongside Her Majesty The Queen and Members of The Royal Family. The Commonwealth is a global network of 54 countries, working in collaboration towards shared economic, environmental, social and democratic goals, and the Service today seeks to highlight the vast community which spans every geographical region, religion and culture, embracing diversity amongst its population of 2.4 billion people, of which 60 percent are under 30 years old. As President and Vice-President of the @Queens_Commonwealth_Trust, The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been passionate advocates of the Commonwealth having spent many years working closely with the next generation of Commonwealth leaders. The theme of the Commonwealth for 2020 is ‘Delivering A Common Future: Connecting, Innovating, Transforming', placing emphasis on youth, the environment, trade, governance, and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and innovation. From working to protect the earth's natural resources and preserving the planet for generations to come, to championing fair trade and empowering the youth of today to transform the communities of tomorrow, the Service celebrates the Commonwealth's continued commitment to delivering a peaceful, prosperous and more sustainable future for all. Photo © PA

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s exit has put the royal family at risk

Though the British press took every moment to paint the Duchess of Sussex as a villain. Her warmth and approachability along with her loving relationship with Prince Harry made the royal family feel more modern and approachable. Now that the Sussexes are gone, the royals are at risk of being seen as stuffy and out of touch.

“Harry and Meghan leaving the firm has left a void and I think the royal family were at risk of looking out of touch and dowdy without them,” royal historian Sarah Gristwood told Vanity Fair. “With Charles and Camilla over 70, and Anne about to get there, and the Queen scaling back, there is a serious vacuum when it comes to star appeal at the heart of the royal family. This is Kate’s moment to shine.”

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle feel like the royal family didn’t do enough to help them

It has been reported that under the constant onslaught of rumors and lies about Meghan, Prince Harry begged his family to intervene. Sadly, his pleas fell on deaf ears.

“Meghan said Harry made it crystal clear that they could not function in good faith under the current system…and that if it wasn’t revised and updated to their liking, they would have no other choice than to break from the royal family,” an insider explained to Daily Mail. “She said no one took his pleas seriously, so they had to take the issue into their own hands. This was about protecting the family and doing right by Princess Diana. She said the British tabloids have haunted Harry since childhood and should have been kicked out of the media pool long ago. The system is broken and Harry wanted to fix it. She said he needed to take a stand and now they are doing it together.”

Outside of the royal family Prince Harry and Meghan are in control of their own images once more.

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Prince William and Prince Charles tried to help the Sussexes leave the royal family

Though the royal family has pushed Prince William and Cathrine, Duchess of Cambridge to the forefront and they’ve reportedly repaired their relationship with the Sussexes, they are dreading the release of Omid Scobie and Carolyn Durand’s new book, Finding Freedom: Harry and Meghan and the Making of A Modern Royal Family.

“They are worried William especially will be portrayed in a bad light,” a source told The Sun. “This sort of family spat shouldn’t be out there in public. This shouldn’t happen to future monarchs. The book could be the most damaging thing to the Royal Family since Prince Diana’s interview on Panorama with Martin Bashir. The concern is it will somehow paint [William] as an unfeeling baddie against kind and philanthropic Harry and Meghan. The aides are ­privately worried about it. Unsympathetic, unfeeling, and unsupportive are the words being used but of course, no one knows exactly what’s in it.”

In fact, one royal expert claims Prince Charles and Prince William tried to help the Sussexes leave the royal fold. Mail Online is reporting that in November 2019, the princes’ wanted to leak info that the Sussexes’ were talking about leaving.

“Charles and William genuinely wanted to find a way forward for what the Sussexes were looking for and to support them in their discussions with the palace,” Nigel Cawthorne wrote in Prince Andrew, Epstein, and the Palace. However, amid Prince Andrew’s shocking BBC’s New Night interview on Jeffrey Epstein, rumors of Megxit became buried.