Prince William Showed Off His ‘Confidence’ With Kate Middleton Amid Harry and Meghan Drama

Prince William had a lot on his mind when stepped out in public for the first time following Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal split. William joined his wife, Kate Middleton, for a town hall meeting in Bradford this week. Despite the turmoil in the royal family, royal experts believe William displayed some real “confidence” at the event, proving that the Duke of Cambridge is optimistic about the future.

Prince William Duke of Cambridge
Prince William, The Duke of Cambridge | Richard Stonehouse/Getty Images

The one thing that shows Prince William has confidence

William and Kate met hundreds of fans at Bradford this week and both of them put on a good face for the public. But there was one thing William did that showed his confidence in the face of what has been a dramatic few months for the royal family.

According to Daily Mail, Prince William gave Kate a white rose in front of the cameras in what proved to be an affectionate moment for the couple. It also helped that the crowd warmly received William and Kate, who no doubt were relieved by the reception.

William and Kate mingled with the crowd after meeting with some students and employees inside Bradford City Hall. The two enthusiastically greeted fans, which was quite unexpected given Harry and Meghan’s recent exit.

Judi James, an expert in body language, believes that William’s actions during the event show that he has regained his sense of confidence. The royals still have a lot of things to work out in the coming months, but it is clear that Prince William was happy throughout the visit.

“He engages with the crowds using humor and emphatic gesticulation and there is every suggestion that his confidence is back,” James shared. “Show-boating to the crowd he even hands his wife a rose in an unusually romantic PDA and it’s clear from Kate’s dimpled smile that she’s enjoying the gesture too.”

How are Prince William and Kate Middleton dealing with the drama?

Another interesting aspect of the couple’s first outing is the fact that they seemed genuinely happy to be out in public. Prince William has reportedly been in meetings with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Harry about the Sussexes future in the monarchy – and the pressure on his shoulders is no doubt immense.

Harry and Markle announced that they are stepping down as senior members of the royal family on social media. The announcement reportedly shocked the royals, who were not informed about it ahead of time.

But Prince William and Kate Middleton showed no signs of stress or worry throughout their recent engagement. After meeting in city hall, the couple made milkshakes together at the restaurant MyLahore and put on big smiles for the cameras.

The two are also set to visit families as part of their Older Yet Wiser initiative. The royal family may be going through some significant changes, but William and Kate are clearly doing their part to keep the train rolling.

Inside Prince Harry’s role in the monarchy

Prior to Harry and Meghan’s big announcement, the Duke of Sussex was expected to play an important role when Prince William inherited the crown.

Over the years, William and Harry were very close to each other. Penny Junor, who wrote Prince Harry: Brother, Soldier, Son, argues that Harry was supposed to be by William’s side when he takes the throne.

“Courtiers imagined in the future that Harry would be shoulder-to-shoulder with William when he was King,” Junor explained. “He would pick up the bits that William wouldn’t be as good for. They would be complimentary and side-by-side throughout their lives.”

That all changed, of course, over the past few years as the brothers experienced a falling out. We still do not know what caused the rift between Prince Harry and Prince William, but the idea that Harry will be supporting William throughout his reign is now out of the question.

It is unclear what will happen to Harry and Meghan now that they are stepping down. The two are preparing to spend part of their time in Canada and want to become financially independent from the crown.

Queen Elizabeth issues a statement

After her meeting with Prince Harry, Prince William, and Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth issued a statement in regards to her grandson’s shocking exit.

Queen Elizabeth assured royal watchers that she fully supports Harry and Meghan’s decision to step away from the royal spotlight. She did, however, say that she would have preferred them to stay in their current roles.

Meghan has since returned to Canada with her son, Archie Harrison. Harry is expected to reunite with her once he is done hosting the drawing for next year’s Rugby League World Cup at Buckingham Palace.

The royals have not announced when Meghan will be making her next public appearance.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, and Prince William have all returned to their royal duties as Harry and Meghan start their life in Canada.