Prince William Will Keep Princess Diana’s Memory Alive With His Kids Through His Charities Benefiting the Homeless

Prince William is gradually preparing to take over the throne of England, after his grandmother and his father, Prince Charles. His days are full of royal appointments, meetings, speeches, and paperwork, with very little downtime.

Prince William is also a father, to three young children whom he shares with his wife, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge. The Duke of Cambridge is a unique royal parent in several ways, clearly taking a cue from his late mother, Princess Diana.

Although she is no longer around, Prince William makes an active effort to keep her memory alive in his loved ones who did not have the privilege to meet her.

When did Princess Diana die?

Princess Diana
Princess Diana | David Levenson/Getty Images

Princess Diana, born in 1961, was one of the most beloved and iconic members of the royal family. Her marriage to Prince Charles was controversial and by all accounts, unhappy.

But during their union, they welcomed two boys. Prince William and Prince Harry would be the greatest joys of Princess Diana’s life and her powerful influence on them were undeniable.

After Princess Diana and Prince Charles divorced in 1996, the two boys divided their time between their father and mother. While much of their time with Prince Charles was spent learning royal duties and etiquette, Princess Diana wanted her children to experience “real life.”

Tragically, Princess Diana died in 1997, at the age of 36, as the result of a terrible car crash. She would not live to see her boys grow up to get married and have families of their own.

To many, this is one of the greatest tragedies of her life. Especially considering how much she loved Prince William and Prince Harry. Princess Diana has four grandchildren: Prince George, Princess Charlotte, Prince Louis, and Baby Archie.

Prince William is the patron of a symbolic charity

Growing up, Prince William and Prince Harry were exposed to the struggles of those experiencing homelessness, courtesy of their mother. Princess Diana would take her sons to South London to see modern-day poverty.

In 2005, Prince William became the patron of Centrepoint. The charity is one he inherits from the late Princess Diana.

At a Gala Dinner for the charity last year, the Duke of Cambridge said: “Centrepoint was one of the first charities of which I became Patron, back in 2005. I chose to do that because visiting Centrepoint’s services with my mother made such a lasting impression on me as a child. And it still makes a lasting impression on me today.”

Prince William became the patron of homelessness charity The Passage last year. He said, in 2016, about the charity: “The visits I made as a child to this place left a deep and lasting impression upon me – about how important it is to ensure that everyone in our society, especially the poorest, are treated with respect, dignity and kindness, and are given the opportunities to fulfill their potential in life.”

Prince William plans to expose his children in a similar fashion

Princess Diana chose to educate her children about the lives of the homeless.

“My mother knew what she was doing with it; she realized that it’s very important when you grow up, especially in the life we grew up in, that you realize life happens beyond the palace walls and that you see real people struggling with real issues,” said Prince William about his visits to the homeless resource center The Passage.

The Duke of Cambridge said he would “absolutely” bring his children to The Passage when they’re older. He also revealed discussing homelessness and those struggling with his children.

“On the school run already, bear in mind they’re six and four, whenever we see anyone who is sleeping rough on the streets, I talk about it, and I point it out and I explain why and they’re all very interested. They’re like: ‘’Why can’t they go home?’” the prince shared while filming for a BBC Christmas special with Mary Berry.

How else does Prince William keep Princess Diana’s memory alive with his kids?

In July 2013, Prince William and Kate welcomed their first child, a son whom they named Prince George. They went on to have two more children: Princess Charlotte in May 2015 and Prince Louis in April 2018.

Princess Charlotte is the duke and duchess’ first daughter. As such, she received a tribute in her full name: Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. Princess Diana’s friend, Simone Simmons, told Vanity Fair: “It’s William’s way of honoring his mother’s memory. A way of making sure Diana’s legacy lives on. This way she will never be forgotten. 

While many royal parents are rather stiff and rigid, preferring to avoid affection in public, Prince William and Kate are always very loving with their children, never hesitating to get down to their level and relate to them directly. In this way, Prince William seems to be echoing many of the same traits that his mother, Princess Diana, displayed. Princess Diana’s effort to keep Prince William and Prince Harry grounded entailed exposing them to “real life”: She took them on trips to the park, McDonald’s, and to volunteer at local charities.

“Diana was such a wonderful mother,” a royal insider told Us. “William and Kate are doing their best to take after her when it comes to raising George, Charlotte and Louis. They’re determined to give their kids a normal life, just like Diana did.”

What’s more, Prince William and Kate reportedly asked the late Princess Diana’s relatives and friends to be godparents to their children. Earl Grosvenor, the son of Princess Diana’s friend, is one of Prince George’s godparents. Julia Samuel, a close friend of the late Princess Diana, is also a godparent to Prince George.

As for Princess Charlotte, Cynthia Jane Fellowes, one of Princess Diana’s nieces, is a godparent to her. Keeping that in mind, there’s no doubt the Cambridge kids are exposed to anecdotes and stories of their paternal grandmother.

Even though Princess Diana isn’t around to snuggle her grandchildren, Prince William has always made sure that his children know of her and how important she was. In a revealing interview, he stated that he keeps pictures of his mother around everywhere and makes sure to talk about her with the children “constantly.”

Prince William acknowledged that when “putting George or Charlotte to bed, (I) talk about her and just try and remind them that there are two grandmothers, there were two grandmothers in their lives, and so it’s important that they know who she was and that she existed.”

A source told Us Weekly: “George and Charlotte know all about their late grandmother and what an amazing woman she was. William tells them she’s watching over them from heaven.”

It is clear that even though Princess Diana isn’t around, her spirit is very much present in Prince William, and that she would be proud of the father that he has become.