Prince William’s New Initiative Might Be Heavily Inspired By Prince Harry

Like many royals, Prince William’s work mostly involves using his position to advocate for various causes. He and his wife, Kate Middleton, have been huge supporters of charities that promote mental health, for example.

However, it looks like Prince William will add more work to his plate in the coming decade. It has recently been announced that he has taken on a big initiative.

For fans, this new initiative is also reminiscent of something that Prince Harry has done. Read on below to find out what Prince William is tackling and what it could mean for his relationship with Prince Harry.

Prince William launches an initiative to tackle climate change

Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, attends a Service of Thanksgiving for the life and work of Sir Donald Gosling at Westminster Abbey.
Prince William | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

In late December, Prince William unveiled a new initiative to tackle issues related to climate change.

Called Earthshot, the initiative looks to recognize and award people who have visionary ideas to help the planet. Prince William plans to choose five winners every year with the goal of coming up with 50 solutions by 2030.

Prince William said in a statement: “Remember the awe inspiring civilizations that we have built, the life-saving technology we have created, the fact that we have put a man on the moon. People can achieve great things. And the next 10 years presents us with one of our greatest tests: a decade of change to repair the earth.”

The space race of the 20th century ultimately inspired a lot of inventions, such as CAT scans, insulin pumps, and laptops. Earthshot seems to be looking at a similar goal, which is to help humankind by spurring innovations that could change the world for the better.

Prince Harry has an initiative to help the environment as well

A few months ago, Prince Harry also announced his own initiative to combat climate change. He teamed up with companies like, TripAdvisor, and Visa to create an initiative called Travelyst, which hopes to promote eco-friendly tourism.

Tourism is often not brought up when it comes to how damaging it can be to the environment. However, Prince Harry was given a serious awakening about this in 2012 when a young boy from the Caribbeans told him that coral reefs in the region were dying because of tourists from other countries. This led the prince to understand “the full impact outsiders can have on a community without even realizing it.”

With Travelyst, Prince Harry hopes to inspire others to think about the effect their travels can have on other countries. The Duke of Sussex said in a statement: “As tourism inevitably grows, it is critically important to accelerate the adoption of sustainable practices worldwide and to balance this growth with the needs of the environment and the local population.”

He also shared that when sustainability is taken into account, tourism “can build schools, create jobs, strengthen safety nets,” as opposed to destroying local communities to cater to travelers.

Are Prince William and Prince Harry competing with each other?

Prince William and Prince Harry used to be very close and often worked with charity organizations together. However, the brothers have grown apart in recent years, with Prince Harry even admitting that there is a rift between them.

Some sources also say that there could be resentment and a lot of “unresolved issues” between the brothers. Because of this, onlookers think that their separate climate change initiatives might be a way for the two of them to compete with each other.

Whether they really are competing or not is unknown. It could simply be that both Prince William and Prince Harry are passionate about the environment (after all, their father has been advocating for sustainability for a long time), and they have come up with ways to tackle the issue of climate change from different angles.

At the end of the day, saving the planet is the end goal for everybody, and perhaps that should be all that matters. Hopefully, Prince William and Prince Harry can create a lot of positive impacts from both Earthshot and Travelyst.