Princess Beatrice and Her Boyfriend Just Took A Romantic Vacation — And Here’s Why It’s Raising Eyebrows

Princess Beatrice is the cousin of Princes William and Harry, but she tends to lay low compared to other royal family members. Beatrice recently started dating millionaire Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, and the two just took a very romantic vacation that meant a lot to both of them.

Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie at the royal wedding
Princess Beatrice (left) and Princess Eugenie at the royal wedding | Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Beatrice and Edoardo began dating last fall — and rumors swirled that he was engaged when they met

Beatrice and Edoardo hit it off last September, but they haven’t flaunted their relationship. She did not bring him to her sister’s wedding in October, possibly because she wanted to keep things with him low key. After all, he was supposedly still living with his ex, Dara Huang, when he and Beatrice began dating. There were rumors that he and Huang were still together when things turned romantic for him and Beatrice, but all we know now is the engagement ended either just before Edoardo and Beatrice began dating, or just after. Today, Beatrice and Edoardo are the newest royal couple and appear to be very happy together.

Things between Beatrice and Edoardo heated up quickly

Beatrice and Edoardo actually met years ago; precisely, back in 2011. Edoardo’s late step father was a good friend to Beatrice’s parents, Andrew and Sarah Ferguson. When his step father died, Beatrice attended the funeral, where she met Edoardo. According to Town & Country Magazine, Beatrice and Edoardo had mutual friends and were re-introduced back in the late summer. Since then, the two’s romance has blossomed quickly. Sources close to the royal family said they wouldn’t be surprised if Beatrice and Edoardo got engaged and married all within the year.

The two supposedly just vacationed to the same spot where he proposed to his ex

Shortly after Christmas, Beatrice was whisked off to Kenya by her millionaire boyfriend. The two recently vacation to Lamu, which is an island off the coast of Kenya; Edoardo’s family has a vacation home there. However, the news of the couple’s vacation turned heads for a big reason; it was supposedly the same spot where Edoardo proposed to his ex-fiancée. Mirror reported that Edoardo and his ex were supposed to get married on the Kenyan archipelago this year, but things obviously fell through. It’s hard to know if Beatrice had anything to do with the couple’s split, since it hasn’t been easy to nail down exactly when she and Edoardo began dating. But people still found it interesting that he’d bring her to the same spot so soon after ending things with his ex.

Beatrice could definitely be the next royal to wed

Regardless of when the two began dating, royal sources seem quite sure the couple is on the road to marriage. Those close with the family have said Beatrice is smitten with him. Also, Edoardo is in the family’s good graces, which means he’ll likely get approval from the queen to marry Beatrice easily. Time will tell if the couple decides to tie the knot sometime this year.

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