Princess Beatrice Is Rethinking All of Her Wedding Plans to Avoid Embarrassment

The fallout of Prince Andrew’s scandal following his 20-year-friendship with the late sex offender Jeffrey Epstein has wreaked havoc on the British royal family. The Duke of York has been stripped of his royal duties and charities. He will effectively live out the duration of his life away from the public eye.

In addition to embarrassing Queen Elizabeth, the prince’s scandal has also put the spotlight on his daughters, Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie. Both royal women are very close to their father, so this is obviously a troubling time for them.

To make matters worse, Princess Beatrice is recently engaged, and she’s been forced to change all of her wedding plans to avoid further embarrassment and humiliation.

The British royal family is trying to protect Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

Obviously, this is a terrible position for these two ladies. However, their father’s issues and scandals have nothing to do with them. There were concerns that the princesses would be booted out of their homes. Princess Beatrice lives in an apartment at St James’s Palace which is said to be funded by U.K. taxpayers. In contrast, Princess Eugenie and her husband, Jack Brooksbank live at Ivy Cottage, a three-bedroom house on the grounds of Kensington Place. Since Prince Andrew no longer earns a working royal salary, fans were fearful that the women would be displaced.

Thankfully, the royal family is circling around the ladies. “There was a sense of everyone circling the wagons around the girls,” a palace insider told Daily Mail. “There is a feeling that they must not be made to pay for the sins of the father. The Queen is particularly fond of Beatrice and Eugenie, and she respects the way that Andrew and Sarah have brought them up. The feeling is that everyone wants to protect them from this hurt and from further hurt, rather than dance on their father’s ‘grave’”

Princess Beatrice doesn’t want any further humiliation or embarrassment surrounding her wedding

When Princess Eugenie wed in 2018 — U.K. citizens were critical about the astronomical cost and Prince Andrew and Duchess Sarah Ferguson’s constant demands for their daughter’s big day. Many people were offended about the Princess of York’s lavish and costly wedding since she is a minor royal. Princess Beatrice wants no parts of that when she weds Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi this year.

“There were outcries over security costs for the taxpayer and I don’t think they’ll want a similar embarrassment for Beatrice so I imagine that will be scaled down somewhat,” Royal correspondent Jennie Bond explained. An insider told Mail on Sunday, that the Prince Andrew scandal has made things even worse. “Only three weeks ago, friends were expecting to watch Bea walk down the aisle at The Guards Chapel, but that location is now looking unlikely.”

Princess Beatrice will have a very private wedding

Princess Beatrice has been constantly tearful since the fallout of her father’s bombastic BBC Newsnight interview which ultimately led to him stepping down from his royal duties. Though she moved forward with her engagement party in late December 2019, her father did not show up. Now it looks like the princess is just hoping for a stress-free and quiet wedding day.

“I can honestly say that the splendour of her wedding will be the last thing on Beatrice’s mind,” an insider told royal reporter Tom Sykes. “The girls have both been not just reconciled to but have actually welcomed living more normal lives and having normal jobs for some time now, even if their parents have not.”

On Pod Save The Queen Daily Mirror’s royal editor Russell Myers revealed that the wedding might take place in Italy. “It will be in a castle I imagine in the hills of Italy, somewhere where there won’t be any press, maybe one release of a photograph.”

Royal author Phil Dampier told The Mirror, “Andrew is so toxic at the moment, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s going to be a private wedding with a couple of photos released afterwards.”