Princess Beatrice’s New Boyfriend Edo May Be in Trouble After These Instagram Likes

Princess Beatrice has received criticism in the past for her behavior and attempts to market herself as a “real” person, and not just a royal. In fact, she’s been called “cringeworthy” in the past. Perhaps some of this is why we don’t often see Beatrice in the spotlight compared to some of her relatives. However, Beatrice is back in the spotlight now, but not for the best of reasons.

Beatrice’s new beau, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi, might be in the doghouse after his recent behavior on Instagram.

Who is Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi?

Mozzi, who also goes by Edo, is the founder and CEO of Banda, a real estate firm that specializes in developing real estate for, particularly wealthy clients. For those who might think Mozzi is in it for Princess Beatrice’s wealth, that’s certainly not the case. The 34-year-old Mozzi is already quite wealthy, having racked up multi-millions with his successful business.

Mozzi also has a friendly relationship with the royal family already. Prince Andrew and Sarah, Duchess of York attended Mozzi’s father’s funeral in 2011.

A mutual friend introduced the pair, and according to The Sun, “They hit it off instantly and have a real laugh together. They’ve been on holiday together and Princess Beatrice introduced him to Fergie and her dad. Things are moving very quickly and it wouldn’t surprise anyone if they got engaged within a short period of time. They could even be tying the knot in 2019 — it’s already been discussed by her friends.”

Mozzi, however, has been engaged in the past. He also has a 2-year-old son named Christopher Woolf.

Mozzi’s ex-fiancée, Dara Huang

When Mozzi and Huang split up, it was a bit of a shock to some, including Huang’s mother in the U.S. “I think Dara was hiding it from me,” said her mother to the Daily Mail. “She didn’t want me to be sad. I am shocked.”

Dara Huang is the founder of Design Haus Liberty, which is an architecture and design company based in London. Huang has made many notable achievements of her own and has been featured in BBC China’s 100 Women, and Property Week’s 40 under 40.

Were Mozzi and Princess Beatrice seeing each other before Mozzi’s split?

Some people have expressed concerns that Princess Beatrice was seeing Mozzi before he split with Huang. The timelines are quite close, with Edo and Beatrice getting publicly romantic only a few months after Edo’s split with Huang.

A royal source told the Daily Mail that Beatrice would never have seen Mozzi if he had still been in a relationship. “She would never allow herself to break into another couple’s happiness, especially if there was a small child,” said the source.

When asked if Mozzi was unfaithful to Huang, a close friend of Mozzi’s told Daily Mail, “The timing pretty much says it all.” Interpret that as you will, but it was indeed a short period of time between Mozzi’s split and his new relationship with Beatrice.

Mozzi in the doghouse

So what did Mozzi do to possibly end up out of Princess Beatrice’s good graces? He made a bit of a potential gaffe on Instagram. It seems Mozzi has recently been caught liking some of Huang’s Instagram posts. And while there’s no indication that Mozzi has been unfaithful to Beatrice, it’s likely that Beatrice isn’t too happy about Mozzi going out of his way to end up on Huang’s radar.

Given how close Mozzi’s split with Huang was to his new relationship with Beatrice, this could possibly send a couple of red flags up. According to Daily Mail, Huang has also been posting comments on photos of Mozzi’s work. Hopefully, for Beatrice’s sake, this flame has died out entirely, and the two are just trying to remain cordial.