Is Princess Charlotte Excited About Attending Prince George’s School?

Princess Charlotte is growing up right before our eyes. The outgoing royal, who is called Lottie by her family, is getting ready to take a significant milestone this year. After spending two years at Willcocks Nursery School –a private nursery school just a few minutes away from the Cambridge clan’s home at Kensington Palace, Princess Charlotte is about to head to school with her big brother Prince George.

When the new school term begins in the fall of 2019, the tiny princess will put on a school uniform and start her formal education at Thomas’s Battersea. But is the pint-sized princess excited about attended about attending school with her big brother?

Princess Charlotte is thrilled to be going to school with her big brother

Prince George and Princess Charlotte get along really well and they are very close. In fact, the princess was inconsolable when she watched her brother head off to his first day of school. We think the princess will be positively tickled to be with her big brother at Thomas’s Battersea. According to Hello!, “Charlotte has always been the more confident between her and George. The little girl adores waving to the crowds and has perfected her royal wave.”

Inside Thomas’s Battersea’s school

Thomas’s Battersea is a private Christian school with a stellar reputation. The school’s website describes it as a busy, thriving, purposeful school that offers a rich and broad curriculum. Thomas’s Battersea’s mantra is “Be Kind.” Along with their academics, the school has a ton of extracurricular activities including, fencing, philosophy, gardening, and pottery among others. Thomas’ certainly isn’t the cheapest school Prince William, and Duchess Kate Middleton could have sent their first-born son. It cost a whopping $24,000 a year to attend and that bill will only double with Princess Charlotte attending.

Why is Princess Charlotte enrolling in Prince George’s school?

It would make sense that Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince William would send Princess Charlotte to Thomas’s Battersea with her big brother with the new term starts in September 2019.

Not only is this easier for the royal family logistically, but it also makes sense for the children’s security. With both the prince and princess’ bodyguards and schedules tied to the same location, it just makes things a lot smoother for the school and for Kensington Palace. Also, for Princess Charlotte who adores bossing her big brother around, we’re sure she’s going to love seeing Prince George at school every day. We wonder which extracurricular activities she’ll choose to participate in.

We can’t wait to see Princess Charlotte’s first day of school when Kensington Palace posts a photo on Instagram.

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