Princess Charlotte Refused To Let Go Of This Extra Special Christmas Gift

It just happened! Prince George and Princess Charlotte made their Royal Christmas debut, and nothing will ever be the same. Though Prince George has attended Christmas Day Church Service with the royals in the past — this is the first time he and his sister have done the walk from church to Queen Elizabeth’s Sandringham Estate.

Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton have been adamant about protecting their children from the hoopla of the public and the press. However, they do appear at various royal events throughout the year. It looks like the elder prince and princess will be staples during the royal family Christmas festivities moving forward.

During their walk — the prince and princess were gifted with tokens of admiration from royal fans. Princess Charlotte was so taken with one of her gifts that she refused to let it go.

Inside Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s first official royal Christmas

Though Prince Louis is still too young to make his royal Christmas debut — Prince George and Princess Charlotte were adorable and eager participants. “It will be so sweet,” an insider told The Sun. “George and Charlotte will make their Christmas debut, as long as they’re both on good form on the day. It’s the picture all royal fans want to see. The royals walking to church on Christmas Day is a rite of passage and so William and Kate didn’t want to expose their children too early, but they feel they’re old enough now.”

Anyone would be taken aback by the number of people greeting the royals on Christmas –but the tiny Cambridges took the attention in stride.

Princess Charlotte and Prince George’s Christmas lists

Thankfully after church and their walk — Prince George and Princess Charlotte were able to hang out and just be kids on Christmas Day. We’re sure they were in good spirits, especially if they got the items they hoped for on their Christmas wish lists

 An insider told Daily Mail, “[Princess Charlotte] asked for a pony, but might have to wait until next year because William thinks she’s too young. George is really into tennis and has asked for a new racket and a football table.”

The princess may not have gotten her pony this year, but she did get a super adorable gift from a royal fan that she refused to let go of.

Princess Charlotte adored her bouquet of flowers

Princess Charlotte stuck to her mother, Kate Middleton’s side as they greeted fans. At some point, the tiny princess was gifted with a massive bouquet of flowers. A royal aide tried to hold the flowers for Charlotte, but the princess was not having it.

When she saw the aide reaching for her flowers, the princess vigorously shook her head before turning her attention elsewhere. We love that the princess is so comfy with the public and that she has no trouble standing up for herself or voicing her opinion.

Though she will probably never sit on the throne — as the only daughter of the future Crowned King and the middle child, it’s clear that Princess Charlotte will never fade into the background.