Princess Diana Broadway Musical to Stream on Netflix Before Hitting the Big Stage

Netflix loves royal content. The Crown has viewers captivated with its dramatic depiction of the British royal family, and the series is set to close out with seasons 5 and 6.

However, the streamer will be presenting a separate project about another royal: Princess Diana. Originally slated for major Broadway debut, Diana: A New Musical is officially coming to a TV or mobile phone screen near you thanks to Netflix.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Diana Princess of Wales and Prince Charles, 1983 | David Levenson/Getty Images

What is ‘Diana: A New Musical’ about?

First announced in August 2019, Diana: A New Musical is a stage play about the late princess and her entry into the royal family. The show started at the La Jolla Playhouse in California and constantly sold out. Due to its popularity, it grew and was poised to hit Broadway in March 2020.

According to its official description on the La Jolla Playhouse website, the play will cover Diana’s life as a schoolteacher, her courtship with Prince Charles, and her marriage troubles. It will also touch on her community work and interpersonal relationships.

Here’s the synopsis for the play:

“In 1981, an assistant kindergarten teacher married the Prince of Wales and, overnight, became the most famous woman in the world. But behind the fairytale, there was a troubled marriage and a young woman struggling to find her voice. Facing an entrenched monarchy and unprecedented media scrutiny, Princess Diana surprises everyone – including herself – as she grows into a global phenomenon and manages to change the world.”

In addition to Diana and Prince Charles, other members of the royal family are portrayed in the production. Erin Davie was cast as Camilla Parker-Bowles and Judy Kaye as Queen Elizabeth.

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Why ‘Diana: A New Musical’ is heading to Netflix

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, theater productions in New York (and elsewhere) have been shut down. Diana was supposed to open at Broadway’s Longacre Theater on March 31, but it’s been rescheduled for May 25, 2021, per the show’s website.

Now, the show will go on in a different format. According to The Hollywood Reporter, instead of performing in front of an audience, the cast and crew will record their live show in an empty theater. Netflix will broadcast Diana across the world in early 2021, and fans will be able to attend the live production later in the year.

Fans can see Princess Diana in ‘The Crown’ too

The late princess will also have screen time in Netflix’s The Crown during its final run. In April 2019, the streamer dropped a press release announcing Emma Corrin’s casting as Princess Diana. She is set to appear in season 4 which is rumored to air sometime in November 2020.

Since The Crown is due to wrap with season 6, it’s expected that Diana’s story arc will be a vital piece of the series’ conclusion in the last two seasons Look out, because by 2021, Netflix will be a new destination for content related to one of the world’s most beloved royals.