Princess Diana Continues to Inspire Prince William and Prince Harry to Be Better Men

Princess Diana left her mark on the world. Though she died young, she was one of the most widely respected women around the globe, and she worked hard to bring awareness to issues that were otherwise swept under the rug. Now, her sons are fully grown and continue doing work for various causes — many of them inspired by their late mother.

Princess Diana with Prince William and Prince Harry
Princess Diana with her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry, in 1995 | Tim Graham Photo Library via Getty Images

Princess Diana’s reputation is still in good standing years after her death

Though Diana and Prince Charles were battling a lot of demons behind the scenes, the Princess of Wales always acted her best with the public. Diana and Charles wed quickly and never truly developed a strong relationship. Their marriage ended in a tumultuous divorce after Charles was found to be having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles. But through it all, Diana put on a brave face. She attended royal engagements, worked with various charities, and built an incredible reputation for herself despite everything she was going through.

Prince William just bonded with Pakistani school children over his mother

Prince William and Kate Middleton have just embarked on their tour of Pakistan. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge started off their tour by visiting the Islamabad Model College for Girls, a school that hosts girls ages four to 18. According to People, William and Kate discussed with the young ladies the benefits of pursuing a higher education. William spoke with many young girls at the school, and one girl noted she was a huge fan of Princess Diana. William explained that Diana had come to Pakistan three times in the 1990s, when he was young. “I was a big fan of my mother, too,” William said.

Prince Harry recently retraced his mother’s footsteps while in Africa

Prince Harry honored his mother while on a royal tour, too. Harry and Meghan Markle recently spent 10 days touring Southern Africa, where they worked with various charitable organizations and brought awareness to causes they care about. 22 years ago, Diana visited Angola, where she walked through a minefield to bring awareness to the landmine problem in Africa. Thanks to her, the landmines in that area were recovered, and a thriving town now sits in its place. Harry recently retraced the steps of his mother while on his trip, reminding everyone of her work and dedication to helping those who were raised in areas that were less fortunate than her own. 

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Following in the footsteps of his mother, Princess Diana, this morning The Duke of Sussex visited a de-mining site in Dirico, Angola, to raise awareness of the danger and prevalence of landmines that still exists today. The Duke joined @thehalotrust in their work to help clear the area to enable safe access for the local community. • “If an international ban on mines can be secured it means, looking far ahead, that the world may be a safer place for this generation's grandchildren.” – Princess Diana, 1997 Today in Angola The Duke of Sussex will retrace his mother’s steps to see the legacy of her work and how her connection with this community helped make the elimination of landmines a reality. In 1997 Diana Princess of Wales visited Huambo to bring global attention to the crisis of landmines and the people whose lives were being destroyed. Two decades later, the area has transformed from desolate and unhabitable to lively and vibrant, with colleges, schools and small businesses. The Duke is humbled to be visiting a place and a community that was so special to his mother, and to recognise her tireless mission as an advocate for all those she felt needed her voice the most, even if the issue was not universally popular. Princess Diana’s visit helped change the course of history, and directly led to the Convention against Anti-Personal Landmines, also known as the Ottawa Treaty. Today, with the support of @thehalotrust, Angola now has a stated aim under the Treaty to be clear of known mines by 2025. Despite great progress, 60 million people worldwide still live in fear of landmines every day. During his visit today, The Duke will walk along the street which was once the minefield where his mother was famously pictured. #RoyalVisitAfrica #RoyalVisitAngola Photo©️PA

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Diana was passionate about causes that others didn’t pay as much mind to — and now, so are her sons

Diana set out to make a difference from the day she became royalty until her tragic death in 1997. The princess brought attention to issues such as research for HIV/AIDS, the landmines in Angola, and various other organizations and charities she stood with. She made it her mission to make her life full of doing good deeds, which she undoubtedly would have continued had she still been around today to keep it going. Now, her sons are stepping up and not only honoring her but also following in her footsteps and revisiting the places where she once spent time.