Princess Diana Once Joked That Charles Was ‘Not Allowed’ To Divorce Her

Princess Diana and Prince Charles were only married for a few years before their relationship crumbled in the public eye. But ultimately, things with them were headed downhill the moment the relationship started. Still, when Diana first met the prince, she wasn’t ever expecting the two to divorce.

Princess Diana and Prince Charles
Princess Diana and Prince Charles | Georges De Keerle/Getty Images

Princess Diana met Prince Charles through her sister

Surprisingly, Diana and Charles met because Charles had actually dated her sister, Sarah. Charles met Sarah back in 1977, and the two got along well. However, their relationship was short-lived because, according to reports, Sarah spoke candidly about her fling with the prince rather than sticking to the “don’t ask, don’t tell” mindset — an unwritten royal rule.

A few years later, Charles was feeling the pressure of meeting someone, and the Spencers were considered eligible bachelorettes in the queen’s eyes. Though Charles didn’t know Diana well, he said in his engagement interview that he thought she seemed “great fun” and “full of life” upon first meeting her, which promoted him to get to know her better.

Diana once joked that Charles couldn’t divorce her

Charles and Diana’s relationship happened quickly. The pressure of Charles turning 30 without a bride was mounting, and the press was already gearing up for a royal proposal shortly after the two met. But according to Town & Country, Diana always thought that if she married the prince, she’d stay with him forever. At 16, she reportedly referred to Charles as “the one man on the planet who is not allowed to divorce me,” suggesting she would marry him after her sister announced she wanted no part of the prince.

Charles and Diana
Charles and Diana’s relationship had cracks from the start. | Tim Graham Photo Library/Getty Images

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Though neither Diana nor Charles was necessarily in love, both were facing pressure to tie the knot. And now that Diana had the prince that her sister didn’t want, her family insisted that she wed royalty. The couple went on only 12 dates before Charles proposed, and the day before the wedding, Diana wanted to back out. However, her family told her it was too late, and within a few years, the two were having major regrets.

It’s rumored that Diana wanted to stay married to Charles for their children

Things between Diana and Charles were off to bad start when Charles wore a gift from Camilla (cuff links with intertwined Cs) on his honeymoon with Diana. After welcoming two kids, the couple’s relationship had no spark left, and Charles later admitted that they both became unfaithful. But when Charles’ affair with Camilla became public knowledge, the marriage crumbled.

Charles, Diana, William, Harry
Diana hoped to stay married to Charles for the kids’ sake. | Tom Wargacki/WireImage

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Diana reportedly never wanted to divorce the prince; she hoped the two could stay married despite not being in love, and civilly raise their children together. However, the queen grew less tolerant of Diana after it was largely believed that Diana contributed to her own biography, and the queen ultimately asked the couple to get a divorce.